10+ Living Room Makeover Ideas

The living room is often the heart of the home. Where the kitchen is where the magic happens, you’re going to gather in the living room for Christmas morning, binging Netflix, or entertaining guests.

If you’re looking to spruce up your house and put those home decor projects to use, why not give your living room a strong makeover?

We’ve got some great ideas below on how you can go about making your living room the talk and envy of your friends and family.

1. Update the Lights

While replacing your windows for more natural light can be expensive, you should look to update your light fixture. There are plenty of chandeliers out there or you can even design one yourself.

If you’re worried about fooling around with electricity and installation, contact some electricians in order to receive a quote and see if they can carry out your service. 

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2. White Walls

White is in as these beautiful white walls can be a perfect combination with your natural light or updated light fixture. 

It also gives the room a laidback feel to make everything feel a bit more comfortable and friendly.

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3. Floral Patterns

Bring your garden into your own home! You can play a bit of mix and match along with the room, matching up your curtains and pillows, artwork and curtains, or all of the above.

It also gives you a chance to explore with various colors to brighten up the room.

4. Redo the Fireplace

If you’ve never used your fireplace, why not turn it into something unique? Make it a small library, hang the TV above it, or even go old-school with a portrait. 

You can use it as an extra storage space for blankets or toys if you have small children running around.

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5. Add Some Green

If you’ve got a green thumb, now is your chance to bring a house plant into the mix. We have always liked oversized house plants plopped right in the corner.

You can get creative with the basket as well to give it even a little more personality.

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6. Brick Painting

Going back to the fireplace, those old red bricks may not line up with the overall style in your room. Why not paint them a color of your choice?

It’s a bit of a throwback design but can look wonderful in the right room. 

7. Opt for Low Furniture

Aiming for that open floor plan? Why not try and use some low furniture and short pieces to keep that area warm and cozy.

Open floor plans are all the rage these days and this is one way to make sure that you’re adhering to the latest styles. 

8. Creative Storage

Storage is usually the last thing you want to think about when redoing an area, but you can get creative with your storage options.

Use an ottoman with storage for blankets or toys or use decorative boxes and baskets along shelves to hide items in plain sight.

If you don’t have enough storage in the house, consider getting portable storage. To learn more, visit 10BestRanked.com

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9. Rugs Over Carpet

The carpet is nice and soft, but it can also become really dirty and holds smells a bit longer than you would like. Go for a beautiful rug instead.

Rugs act as a wonderful complement to your furniture and are much easier to clean than your carpet. Plus, they can be moved easily to other rooms.

10. Light Curtains

Curtains can really bring a room together but instead of going for those with extra fabric and thickness, choose lighter curtains to improve the feel of your living room.

It’s best to make sure they go all the way to the floor in order to give the best look possible.

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11. Rustic Look

You’ll never hear us saying that we should leave past trends in the past, as a rustic look can do wonders for a living room.

It does usually take a complete overhaul to give the room a rustic feel, such as buying new furniture, so make sure you plan accordingly.

12. Symmetry

While this is one of the more challenging aspects to pull off, symmetry can look great if done right. 

You will need the right room in order to be able to do it right and will have to make sure the colors and everything lines up well. 

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