8 Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Living Room

Your living room is the place where your family spends time together. It is where everyone comes to relax and engage in activities they enjoy doing. For this reason, it should be welcoming and comfortable.

A family-friendly living room doesn’t necessarily mean having all the latest technology like a lavish entertainment center. With these eight tips, you can make sure your living room is a family-friendly space in your home.

8 Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Living Room

1. Add rugs and carpets for warmth and comfort

Rugs and carpets give rooms an additional layer of comfort and warmth through the softness of their surface and provide color and texture to a room.

They also have a natural insulating property that helps keep cold floors warmer and hot floors cooler.

2. Accentuate with the area with artwork the family loves

The walls of your living room are the perfect place for artwork that you love. Artwork can be framed photos, paintings, sculptures, or other unconventional art pieces.

Choose artwork that reflects something you and your family enjoy and admire.

3. Make sure there’s enough seating even for guests

A family-friendly living room should have plenty of places for everyone to sit down comfortably if they want to kick back and relax.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure there is at least 1-1/2 times as much seating as people in the family. If it’s only two people sitting down on the couch, then you’ll need at least three chairs available for others.

4. Add floor lamps for additional lighting

Switching out overhead lights for floor lamps is a great way to increase light in a room. Floor lamps are perfect for reading, creating crafts, and other activities.

They provide a warm glow spread over a wider area than the bright spot from an overhead light fixture.

5. Choose your window treatments carefully

Window treatments can make or break a family-friendly living room. If you go with blinds, they should be openable without interfering with what’s going on in the room.

If you choose curtains, sheers work best as blackout curtains will remove all of the natural light from a room and make it feel smaller and more closed in. Curtains also do a better job of blocking out noise.

6. Put lighting in hard-to-reach places

It is essential to have task lighting for reading, crafting, and studying. Adding more lamps is a great way to get more of the light your family needs without sacrificing comfort or ambiance.

It would be best to consider adding dimmers that make it easier to set specific moods depending on what you’re doing in the room.

7. Add storage where possible

Whether installing built-in bookshelves or keeping basic floating shelves on hand for impromptu storage solutions, having somewhere to store family clutter goes a long way towards maintaining a clean living space!

8. Make room for the family pet

A family-friendly living room should have a space where your family can take their beloved pet. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the needs of your furry buddies into your living space, whether that means having a designated spot for kitty litter or keeping dog toys in an accessible place.


Creating a family-friendly living room is all about the small details. Rugs, artwork, window treatments, lighting, and storage solutions can turn your living space into something that everyone will love spending time in!

Julie Higgins
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