mix and match dining chairs

We know that the idea to mix and match dining chairs to create a modern chic look for your dining room sounds amazing, but when it comes to execution, most of us don’t dare to be brave enough to pull it off.

Luckily, with just a few design tips anyone can do it and create an amazing look for any dining room. If you want to keep it safe, there are a few rules of thumb you can use.

Use same material + different designs – for example go for wooden chairs but in a mix of designs in roughly same tone, or mix and match colors.

Use same chair + mix colors – this is the easiest and safest option if you don’t feel brave enough to explore completely different chairs. If you go bored with the colors, you can always paint them same color later on.

Mix and match different chairs in the same color – blend wood, plastic or wire chairs in the same color for a cool modern look that doesn’t look too hard to put together.

It’s important to keep a note of the style of your dining room and translate that into the selection of your chairs. Find them online and create a little virtual version of your dining room before you go and buy or order them.

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1End of Table

2Same Color Scheme

3Dark & Light

4Rattan Touches

550 Shades of Wood

6Elegant Mismatched Chairs

source: Pinterest

7Use Color


8Vintage Style

9Minimalist Approach

10Bold & Beautiful

source: thedomesticjunkies.com

11Bold Color with Different Design

12Mix and Match Bold Colors

13Farmhouse Style Mix & Match Chairs

14One off Statement

source: jennykomenda.com

15Mix & Match Height

16Modern Mix & Match Style

17Pretty Pastels

18Mix & Match for Small Dining Table

19Scandi Style

20Modern Minimalist

21Farmhouse Style

source: Pinterest

22Shabby Chic Farmhouse

source: sweetpicksinfurniture.com

23Boho Farmhouse Style

24Mix & Match Upholstered Chairs

source: Pinterest

25Modern Mix & Matched Chairs

source: Pinterest

26Modern Mitch & Match for Small Table

27Modern Mix & Match Colors

source: Pinterest

28Matching Chairs + Different Colors

29White Mix & Match Chairs

30White Chair Textures

source: Pinterest

31White Chairs + Wood

source: Pinterest

32Mix & Match Chairs for Round Table

33Rustic Round Table Chairs

34Ikea Inspired Round Table

35Black Chairs + Round White Table

source: Pinterest

36Family Style Mix & Match

37Mix & Match Idea for Modern Dining Room

source: Pinterest

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