Round Boho Dining Table: 15+ Gorgeous Ideas for the Perfect Bohemian Dining Room

Are you dreaming about the perfect round boho dining table? In that case, you’re at the right place!

Our team has curated a collection of over 15 best examples of different styles, materials and styling for round boho dining tables, to give you plenty of ideas on how to pick the one that works best for your dining room!

There is such a variety of dining tables available these days that it can feel pretty overwhelming to find the right fit for your home. So many materials, table sizes and finishes to choose from.

In this article, you will find some practical tips on choosing the right table for your dining room, followed by a curated collection of the best looks. Scroll down below and find your dream table today!

Tips for Choosing a Round Boho Dining Table

  • Quality first and foremost: buy or work with reliable contractors and decorators only and make sure to pay attention to the table supports and choice of material.  
  • Measure twice: make sure you have enough breathing space around the table, usually three feet of room on either side. 
  • Practicality over design: choose the shape of your dining table based on your room. Oval dining tables work best for tight rectangular spaces and allow you some room around the edges. Luckily, boho dining tables come in a range of shapes! 
  • Get creative with materials: The bohemian aesthetic borrows visuals from a range of cultures and has no hard and fast rules. You’re free to experiment with patterns, colors, and tiles for the base of your table. 
  • Don’t forget to dress up your table: When you have a sturdy centre table, you can experiment with the accessories to add bursts of color and elevate the bohemian look of your dining room. 

15+ Round Boho Dining Table Ideas

Here they are – the best examples fo round boho dining tables – to get even more ideas for the perfect bohemian set up, head over to our home decor board in Pinterest!

1. Rustic Round Boho Dining Table

boho dining table
Instagram levityinteriors

2. Glass and Rattan Round Table

boho dining table
Instagram my_boho_corner

3. Elegant Glass Boho Round Table

boho dining table
Instagram mp_photographyandfilm

4. Practical White Boho Round Table

boho dining table
Instagram lovebohostyle_

5. Round Boho Family Table

boho dining table
Instagram mizhumom

6. White Round Boho Family Table

boho dining table

7. Modern Wooden Boho Family Table

boho dining table
Instagram humbleabode.decor

8. Dark Wood Round Boho Table

boho dining table
Instagram slaymyprint

9. Solid Dark Wood Boho Table

boho dining table
Instagram pompousfoxwoodco

10. Sleek White Round Boho Table

boho dining table
Instagram inlightgr

11. Baby Blue Round Boho Table

boho dining table
Instagram joannajeanninedeco

12. Modern Sleek Round Dining Table


13. Pretty in White


14. Edgy Sleek Dark Wood Dining Table


15. Mediterranean-Inspired Round Dining Table


16. Classic Boho Round Dining Table


17. Wooden Round Table with White Chairs


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