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We love the moods, colors, and aromas of fall: from adding pumpkin spice latte and toffee apples to our daily diet, making warm pumpkin soup for the whole family, and experimenting with Halloween cake pops, all the way to redecorating the front porch and setting up sumptuous tablescapes with splashes of green and bright orange.

For this latest article, we have created an inspiring roundup of stunning lunch and dinner table settings which best evoke the soft melancholy and warm fuzzy feeling brought by this colorful and delicious season.

Get inspired by themes of nature’s abundance and generosity, weaving a cozy family nest and enjoying the ripeness of the land’s produce. You will find a great variety of fall dining table settings – from pristine, elegant environments to charming, old-fashioned rustic setups.

The choice of whimsical mood is entirely yours! Also, don’t miss out on savoring the quickly transitioning outdoors while the weather still permits it!

1Veranda Dinners & Rustic Simplicity

2Potluck Dinners in the Garden

3Add an Apple Cider Bar

4Rustic Charm

5Rose Gold/Copper and Pumpkins

6Sophistication & Tradition

7Forest Stump & Leaves Inspiration

8Candle Light and Romance

9Savor The Outdoors

10Deliciously Looking Pumpkin Pots

11Colors of Ripeness

Perhaps it’s ripe time to open that long saved bottle of fine wine and indulge in the moment…

12Fix the Cozy Family Nest

13Charming Rustic Simplicity

14A Chic Tablescape

15A Splash of Blue

16Bright and Elegant

Aromatic pumpkin soup or casserole, anyone?

17A Romantic Garden Dinner Buffet-Style


18More Rustic Inspiration

19Another Feast of Nature Display

20Dinner by Candlelight

Keep the magic alive by creating a charming festive setup!

21Al Fresco

Take out the cozy fleece and wool blankets for some memorable al fresco dining…

22Gather with Grateful Hearts


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