12 Awesome Halloween Games for Your Hyped Up Kids

Halloween is fast approaching and every parent knows that this is the most anticipated holiday aside from Christmas by their children. And it’s totally understandable! I mean, what would be better than receiving gifts on Christmas? I’ll tell you what: dressing up in costumes and a night of Trick or Treating.

Kids and their parents put so much time and effort into preparing for Halloween. Candies, costumes and decorations are not easy to come by especially if you are behind your shopping. But, aside from those essentials, you have to be prepared to reel in your super excited kids long enough before trick or treat starts.

How do you do that exactly? No, put away your body leash or even try to keep them locked up in their room. There’s only one way of course! Come up with epic Halloween games to keep them occupied.

Don’t know any Halloween games? There’s no need to worry. You have a couple of weeks left before Halloween week and we have the best Halloween games on our list.

Check it out!

Pin the Boo on the Ghost

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Pin the tail on the donkey has always been a classic party game and kids love it! In the same way, applying the same concept on your Halloween party will most likely be well received as well.

In addition, materials needed are very minimal and you can up the ante by offering a reward for the kid who gets the most number of points!

Instructions by The Pleasantest Things.



itsoverflowing.com itsoverflowing.com

The holiday would be crawling with pumpkins so why not use them for Halloween games, right? Simply make a DIY board and get yourself some plastic pumpkins in two different colors.

If you can’t find different colored ones, you can spray paint them. Check out the full how-to by itsoverflowing.comitsoverflowing.com.


Witch Pitch

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First of all, this is a very simple game very similar to the concept of ring toss in the carnival. You simply give your kids a time limit to toss as many candy corns into the cauldron as they can and give them prizes based on the amount.

Also, making the Witch Pitch board is a fun project so have a go at it!

Check out Chica & Jo for the full instructions.


Pumpkin Golf

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Put-put and miniature golf have always been fun for kids. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the excitement it brings? Anyway, you can purchase some cheap plastic miniature golf set and carve out your jack-o-lantern as the hole. Make it more fun by inviting your neighbors’ kids and have a competition!

Growing a Jeweled Rose clearly has put the Halloween twist to a classic game.


Pop Goes the Pumpkin

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Incidentally, this is not a game for kids of all ages. They will be handling pins or darts so toddlers cannot participate using those items. You may want to find an alternative if you are planning on letting your toddlers play these kinds of Halloween games.

More importantly, we know Martha Stewart for being a home-making genius and this is her brilliant idea! Here’s her full take on this exciting game.


Pumpkin Toss

Halloween games

Everything about this game is DIY – from the pumpkin goals to the bean bags used for tossing. Consequently, this makes it a family fave because you don’t have to spend much money! Another plus is you can make the game materials as a family activity! Your little tykes will surely love hollowing out those pumpkins!

Get the full instructions from Rachel Ray Mag.

Monster Bowling


Yes, this looks like a lot of work especially if you’re not the crafty kind of mom. But, that’s where you’re wrong. It’s actually simpler than it looks. Most of the materials can be found at your nearest Walmart.

Monster bowling as of your Halloween games is sure to be a hit. Your kids would probably still play with these even after the holiday. I mean, it’s uber cool!

Visit EVite for the instructions!

Water Squirt Halloween Games

Halloween games

What kid does not love to play with water? Every craft lazy mom would totally keep this idea in her Halloween games arsenal because of how simple it is! Not to mention how easy the materials are to come by.

Head on to Momma’s Fun World for the list of materials.

Last Man Standing

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Brought to us by A Girl & A Glue Gun, this is a game very similar to musical chairs. Also, as named, the last man standing wins. Maybe a small bucket of candies?

Giant Spider Web

halloween games

Yet another awesome entry from A Girl & A Glue Gun‘s Halloween Games list. Better done outdoors! Your kids, especially your boys, would love going through obstacle courses where they have to get down and dirty!

Balloon Catch

Halloween games

Since we don’t want our cute toddlers to be left out of all the Halloween games fun, here’s one that’s super toddler-friendly.

Add a more holiday feel by drawing Jack-O-Lantern or ghost faces on the balloons! Instructions by Vanilla Joy.

Ring Toss Fun

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Just as dark sets in, bring out the glow sticks and turn them into rings! Stick a pole in the ground and get your glow tossing game on! It’s super pretty!

There you have it, mothers. Halloween is fast approaching so start brainstorming with your partner or other moms in your area. 

A joint Halloween party is always double the fun for you and your kids!

Halloween games are ideal to keep your super excited kids occupied until it’s trick or treat time. Most importantly, they get to burn off the sugar rush during the day and have less energy after collecting their candies which means straight to bed for them!

It will just be you, your partner, late night movies and a warm fireplace.

Sounds like a sweet deal? Then, get your thinking caps on! Got any Halloween games you’d like to include in this list? Leave us a comment below!

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