boho kitchen decor ideas for house or apartment

Looking for a bit of design inspiration for your new boho kitchen? You came to the right place!

Getting the boho look right is easier than you think. There are a few em elements that will allow you to transform your plain and simple looking kitchen into a quirky-cool corner where all the magic happens.

The Boheme theme features a lot of wood, rustic furniture, and greenery. First things first – stock up on indoor plants that will live happily in your kitchen. Experiment with touches of wood and metal for your kitchen accessories and keep things pretty simple.

As you will see below, the current Boheme trend dictates no overhead cabinets in the kitchen – instead, these are replaced with simple wooden or metal shelves that let you bring the Boheme theme to life.

Tiles are also a huge hit with the boho enthusiasts and this time, you shouldn’t be scared about using a bit of color.

We did all the hard work and collected some of the best boho kitchen design examples from Pinterest – feel free to get inspired here or save your pins to your own collection.

1All Black

2Unique Tiles

3Green with Wood

source –

4Scandinavian Feel

5Statement Color

6The Little Details Matter

7Mix Pattern & Color


8Let there Be Light

source: Pinterest

9Neutral Kitchen Details

source: Pinterest

10Copper & Green

11Be Bold with Plants

source: Pinterest

12Herbs on Display

source: Pinterest

13Vibrant Contrast

source: Pinterest

14Bold Rugs

source: Pinterest

15Make the Most of Small Spaces

16Minimalist & Chic

source: Pinterest

17Shaby & Chic

source: Pinterest

18All Wood

source: Pinterest

19Rustic Details

20Modern Boheme Kitchen

source: Pinterest

21Shelves Instead of Cabinets

source: Pinterest

22The Magic of Light

23White & Green

source: Pinterest

24Breakfast Corner

source: Pinterest

25Unconventional Layout

source –

26Nice & Simple

27Scandi Details

source –

28Rustic Charm


29Storage Idea

30Rattan Chairs

31Rustic Pot Rack

32Boho Details

33Boho Dining Table

source: Pinterest

34Vintage Dining Table

source: Pinterest

35DIY Shelf Solutions

source: Pinterest

36Vibrant Carpet

37A Touch of Copper

38Statement Lights

source: Pinterest

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