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I won’t hide, I am a huge fan of growing plants. I already have a collection of orchids, and already tried my first orchid propagation. Of course now when the weather is finally warmer I am growing violets, aloe, geraniums, and petunias on the terrace. Plus a few ficuses, florophytum, money tree, dracaena, snake plant, and sword plants that are indoor. Honestly, I don’t have any space left where to place all the pots. Here is why it is time to move on to the next level and find creative ways to arrange all my happy green friends on the indoor plant shelf.

If you are also obsessed with growing plants and keep adding more, and more pots don’t be afraid and experiment with these creative ideas of grouping your plants on an indoor shelf.

There are so many options to display them beautifully, and stylishly. Invest in good quality pots, and you would be amazed by how classy your home could be. Do not forget that growing plants is one of the best relaxation therapy that you can practice at home and it is almost for free. Plus, they refresh the air in your home and deserve to be displayed in the cutest, and elegant way.

1Mix Textures

Mark the center of your indoor plant shelf and start playing with the size, shades, and texture of the leaves. You will get a stunning result in the end.

2Play With Contrasts

indoor plant shelf

An elegant vision of the black and white classic. In combination with different hues of green is simply gorgeous.

3Personalize It

Make a personal statement with something that characterize you.

4Make A Green Wall

Follow the latests interior trends and create one of a kind live green wall.

5Make It Stylish

Invest in good quality pots, and plant stands in order to add more elegance, and quircky vision of your home.

6Make It Bloom

Orchids can make your home look gorgeous, and to add more value to its interior.

7Get Inspired By Imperfection


9DIY Indoor Plant Shelf

10Use The Natural Light

11Get Out Of The Box

12Add Something Vintage

13Play With Shapes

14Use The Upper Side

15Group Different Plants

16Minimalistic Indoor Plant Shelf

17Pallette Indoor Plant Shelf

18Use Your Creativity

19White- Green Perfection

20Mix Cultures And Styles

21Add Some Blink

22Herbal Stand

23Inspired By The Jungle


24Indoor Herbal Shelf

25PO Box Indoor Plant Shelf

26Rustic Inspiration

27Matching Pots

Indoor Plant Shelf