Fool proof guide to keep your plants alive

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Do you remember the story of Leon the Professional and the plant he was taking care in the movie? A great metaphor for showing your real personality and carefulness ability.

According to some studies and research having indoor plants home boost your creativity, mood and concentration. As a matter of fact in our busy daily routine indoor plants could reduce stress and anxiety.

Probably you never thought about but a lot of the wall paints, plastics and rubber items around us are real source of harmful substances.

With this in mind we must mention their great job in cleaning the indoor air and increasing humidity indoor spaces.

Beside the plants are the filters in our planet and fight against pollution.
Planting and gardening on the other hand are great therapist.

You have noticed yourself that a walk in the park always recharges your battery and state of mind. In other words planting at home is good to our health and as we mentioned a great home therapy for free.


It is important to realize having plants is not only watering them. Indeed they need as much attention as having a pet for instance. Make sure to change their pots on the right time of the year. As a matter of fact you need to be sure you have the right soil for the particular greens. Plus to change it once in a while because the soil is the main source of energy for your plants particularly.

Remember to drainage the pots in this way the water will remain in the soil for a longer time.
Here’s the tip:  kitty litter is great to be added in your cactus or succulents.


Another simple but important thing for your greens is the sunlight. Be careful when you place them in your home, there are some plants ideal for shaded spots and not direct sunlight. And the opposites- the ones who are happier under the sun.

But if you want to have a small green jungle at home there are some fool proofs you need to follow and you will be amazed by the results.

Give them an extra power


Additionally you could boost them via different boosters. There are a chemical ones but we prefer to share a personal experience using home made.

You know how the coffee affects your mood, well it is the same for the plants as an example. Coffee grounds increase the acid in the soil and keep the bugs and pests away.

Another home made fertilizer is the egg shells, water and banana peal cocktail. Why is good for your plants? The egg shell contains calcium in the form of calcium carbonate plus manganese, iron and zinc. The banana skins on the other hand release phosphorus, potassium plus magnesium. All these nutrients are the best you could give to your plants.

Be aware of the dust

Having a dust at home could be dangerous not only for our health but for the plants well being too. Just simply clean the leaves with wet towel and your pots friends will be cheerful and happy for longer.

Air circulation and humidity

Bad air circulation and humidity could be the reason why your plants are dying. In conditions like this the pests are getting power and easily destroy the roots and stem. The temperature in the room is also important, it should not be too hot or too cold.

As a conclusion we can simply follow these easy guidelines to have beautiful and full with positive energy plants:

  • be careful to not over watering your plants
  • do not underestimate the drainage of the pots
  • repott them with the right type of soil- they need space to grow
  • fertilization is important for them but in right portion
  • try to add them natural fertilizers
  • poor air circulation and humidity give power to the pests that killing the plants
  • take care for their leaves as you wash them with wet towel
  • if you have a plant you do not know how to grow Google it and read how to take care for it

And remember, plants could be your best friend, therapist and source of good vibes.

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