Amazing Life Hacks You Should Know about

Life hacks are these little tips which save not only our time but and our money. In fact it can be any skill or a shortcut that boost our performance and productivity. From cooking and cleaning to studying and parenting for instance. Sooner or later we all start to search and use these amazing life hacks.


We are living in the high tech era. Using computers, lap tops and smartphones is nothing new or unusual but still there are some tricks saving our time while working.

  • hold the space bar to scroll down on a page, to scroll back hold the shift and space on the same time;
  • control + to enlarge the web text;
  • the faster way to get your smartphone battery recharged is to switch to “Airplane Mode” while recharging;
  • another hack for a better battery life is to use a plain black wallpaper;

Amazing Life Hacks for Moms

Quickly changing the direction with the next several life hacks inspired by being a mom.

Imagine yourself on the beach with your baby. Your focus is on the baby, her safety, the sand and waves, the beach toys you are playing with… Leaving your valuable items in the bag just like that is not the smartest idea. If you stick them inside a dipper- nobody will steal it for sure.

In addition to the amazing life hacks invented by moms we need to mention one of the most popular and useful if your little one is sick. We must admit that taking her a medicine is mission impossible. Here is the trick- use a juice box to fake her out.

Shopping Hacks

In the light of the hot summer sales there are some tips for an ultimate money saver and golden items for less.

As an illustration of the influence reality in the last two- three years, it is important to mention influencers and bloggers as a main source of discounts nowadays. In other words start following them to get extra promo codes and discounts not only for seasonal sales but for weekly giveaways and special items.
In addition when shopping online, Google the promo codes before making the purchase in order to get better deals as free shipping or to add better discount.

When shopping in the department stores always check the bottom and top shelves. The retailers use them for discounted items, usually on the eye level are exposed articles from the latest collections.

Home Life Hacks

There is nothing refreshing then a cold beverage after a long summer working day. Get an ice cold beverage in a minute simply cover the bottle with wet paper towel before store it in the fridge.

Need to cut the cake in perfect layers- you can simply use a dental floss. But do not forget to use an unflavored one.

We bake delicious muffins in the muffin tin, but you should know that you can bake other meals too. If you like to have perfectly upright stuffed peppers this is the best place to cook them.

As a matter of fact, the list and topics for life hacks are huge and every day someone is creating a new smart trick or move. So leave some from your experience in the comments below in order to help us to exit the maze of the daily routine.


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