5 Beautiful Plants To Gift For Mother’s Day

Purchasing a bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day is a classic that goes over well, but this gift dies quickly, even through proper care. When shopping for plants over this gift-giving holiday, you’ve probably come across potted flowers that look gorgeous. To help you choose between the multiple flowering plants available for purchase, we’ve picked 5 that are sure to impress.

Orchids: Medium Difficulty 

Orchids can be fussy, but they can live for over 10 years with a bit of extra work. Most orchids require moist, well-draining conditions because they grow on trees and shrubbery instead of directly in the ground. A basic soil mix that will keep the orchid healthy long term contains fir bark, perlite, and sphagnum moss. Orchids need shallow planting and very bright, direct sunlight.

Always ensure your Mother’s orchids are watered daily and that the soil is allowed to dry between waterings. Orchids are preferred for homes that stay humid throughout the year, so avoid buying for a Mom that likes to keep the air in her house dry. You’ll want a company with a quick and safe flower delivery for Mother’s Day because orchids are delicate. 

Cactuses and Succulents: Very Easy Difficulty

Cactuses and succulents are left to their own devices in the wild and need little soil or water to survive. If you have a Mom that lacks a green thumb, she’ll have no problem with these beauties. Both prefer dry, warm climates and direct sunlight. Provide a well-draining pot for these plants but don’t worry too much about overwatering them. 

Make sure to tell your Mom that cactuses and succulents like to be re-fertilized once a year in the spring, but beyond that, they’re a low-maintenance plant that is difficult to kill. 

Peace Lilies: Easy Difficulty

A common flowering house plant, peace lilies are easy to care for but aren’t able to stand up to as much neglect as succulents or cactuses. Peace lilies do require a bit of love and care because they’re a tropical plant that craves direct sunlight and consistent moisture. Never keep peace lilies in a house with children or animals as parts of their leaves are mildly poisonous.

Put your Mother’s new peace lily in a well-draining, all-purpose pot or window box that won’t retain too much moisture. Tell your Mom to repot them annually around the spring to receive fresh nutrients from new soil. Peace lilies grow incredibly tall, so it’s possible to split them into small plants as long as this is done correctly. However, they can stand up to harsh treatment when dividing.

Virginia Bluebells: Very Easy Difficulty

Want to add a bit of magic to your Mother’s home? Virginia Bluebells are gorgeous spring blooming flowers that like partial shade and lush green foliage. Although they’re known as wildflowers, they do well in pots because they’re hardy. Native to cool woodlands, they crave regular watering as long as the soil is moist, not soggy, during the first season they’re planted.

Virginia Bluebells don’t mind the cold and can survive a quick frost or cold snap. Ask your Mom to rotate the soil, not change it, every few months to mimic their natural environment.

Lilacs: Easy Difficulty

If you live in North America, you and your Mother have probably seen a flowering lilac tree once or twice. Their amazing scent and beautiful purple color make them sought after in backyards, so explain to your Mom that they must be planted outside after one season to flourish. Until then, keep the soil fertile by enriching it with alkaline. The soil must be well-drained.

Lilacs thrive outside and can hold up to harsh conditions like rain and snow as long as they’ve been planted in the soil for over a year. Incredibly hardy and easy to grow, lilacs are low maintenance. After your Mom plants her potted lilac outside, you’ll notice more visits from butterflies and honey bees who prefer these flowers for their food and nectar. 

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