The Room by Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Do you know what I really love on the first days of spring? To open the windows, and let the fresh air into my home. Of course, the feeling won’t be the same if they are not completely clean, and clear. Yes, it is time for the refreshing spring cleaning of your entire house- room by room. Here is my ultimate spring cleaning checklist for a shiny home just like in the Celebrity Cribs series. 

Pss.. it might take a few days to make your home as polished as a diamond.  

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tools

Before you start cleaning, make sure your cleaning weapons are all set and ready to be used. 

  • Duster
  • Gloves
  • Dish Soap
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom
  • Paper or microfiber towels
  • Window Cleaner
  • Furniture Polish
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Distilled White Vinegar 

Let’s say it directly- spring cleaning usually means not only general cleaning of your home but decluttering it too. This is the best time when you can get rid of all unnecessary, reddled, and damaged items in your household. Yes, it is time to take a farewell with all clothes with stains you are trying to remove every time. These are the reasons you need to get prepared with:

  • Trash Bags
  • Empty Cardboard Boxes
  • Marker
  • Sticky Notes

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Ok, let’s start from the heart of each home- the holy kitchen. There are so many different surfaces to clean there. Counters, stoves, sink, drawers, and cabinets. Do not forget the fridge, and freeze. Microwave, and the dishwasher. 

Still have no ideas on where to start? Here is my spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen:

  •  Clean the sink and wash dishes if there are any in it
  •  Remove dust from the lights and fans
  •  Dust and clean all cabinets and wipe out any built-up dirt or grime.
  •  Remove everything off the countertops and clean them carefully  with disinfectant spray or white vinegar
  •  Wash the windows and glass doors if you have such 
  •  Wash the microwave, and the dishwasher and deep-clean the inside. . 
  • Wipe down cabinet faces, pantry doors and the fridge and freezer. 
  • Empty the refrigerator, toss all expired food and wipe down shelves and drawers.
  • Wash cloth kitchen mats or rugs in the washing machine.
  • Vacuum and sweep the floors.
  • Use the “clean” mode  on the oven, let it cool completely and wipe it out. 

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

This is probably the area that needs special attention when it comes to hygiene, right after the kitchen area. Because of the humidity it is the favorite place of all kinds of germs, and bacterias. 

Before you go to scrub, and polish your bathroom, make sure you have checked all the cabinets, storage boxes, and cosmetic bags. It is important to double check the expiration date of all the products and get rid of all empty bottles, and containers. 

  • Wash the shower curtain and rugs.
  • Remove all products from the shower temporarily 
  • Empty the cabinets and throw out all expired or damaged items.
  • Dilute a few drops of hair conditioner or dish detergent  in a bucket of water and wipe down the walls, and brightwork in your bathroom .
  •  Wipe down drawers and dust shelves, working from top to bottom.
  •  Carefully clean the shower area and remove any built-up leftovers.
  •  Deep-clean the shower and tub using disinfectant and bleach.
  • Clean the sink and drain with disinfectant 
  • Get spotless mirrors, sink hardware and windows thanks to the window cleaner
  • Wipe down the exterior of the toilet and clean the inside of the bowl.
  •  Sweep or vacuum floors before washing with a cleaning solution. 
  •  Organize the products you stored in your cabinets

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Your personal boudoir must look tidy at any time of the day. Do not ever leave it messy, and dirty. It is the place where you usually get relaxed, recharge yourself with positive energy, and clear your mind and thoughts. There is nothing more pleasant than taking some rest on a comfy armchair with your favourite book on a rainy day.  

One of the best things you can do is to switch to offline mode. Try to keep all electronics, and smart devices away from the bedside tables. Same refers to all paperwork from your work, even when you do it from home.

  • Start with the textiles: bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and curtains.
  • Clean the mattress using your vacuum.
  •  Remove any decorations and picture frames to be dusted and wiped down.
  •  Wipe down and clean windows and window sills. 
  •  Polish or treat wood furniture.
  •  Vacuum or sweep the floor. 

Wardrobe And Closet Cleaning Checklist

Say goodbye to your favorite coats, jackets, and thick sweaters. Springtime is the time to show yourself in all your glitter and sine. Hello, gorgeous dresses, and silky blouses! 

Yes, the first step is to store your winter clothes, and replace them with some flirty, modern, classic spring- summer clothes. You have a chance to recycle all of the rubbed clothes, and declutter your wardrobe in general. Do the same not only for your clothes, but with your kids as well. You know how fast they grow, so it is a good idea to check their summer clothes, and shoes too. 

Right after you have decluttered your closet, it is time to do the cleaning part.

  • Clear off shelves and drawers.
  • Use a general cleaner to clean closet doors and knobs.
  • Wipe everything down with a duster.
  • Clean baseboards. 
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor.

Playroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Probably the hardest part of your house- the playroom. It is not a secret how precious treasures are hidden there, so you need to be very careful. No one wants an upset toddler and kid in their home. 

I usually do this on two stages. 

Stage 1: Start sorting the toys together with my little boy. Once we put all cars, trucks, and vehicles apart from the other toys we remove all with missing parts and tires. Then we move to stuff toys and constructions. After this to the books and puzzles.

Stage 2: I wouldn’t hide that I am decluttering the toys one more time but when my kid is in kindergarten. So I have my chance to get rid of all the broken toys for real. You know the kids, they always keep something because it is their special toy. And at the end of the day, you still have the same pile of toys that they never play with. 

Stage 3: Sweep, and vacuum the floor. Disinfect all toys with either soap-and-water or kid-safe wipes.  Cleaning the windows, wiping the furniture, and washing the curtains, and other textiles in the playroom. 

Home Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

I am sure many of you have set a comfortable home office and spend most of the day there. It is important to keep your workplace tidy, well-organized, and clean of course. Use desk- organizers, separators, stickers, and boards just to have everything handy, and not least in order. 

Make sure you take good care of your electronics, and office tools because they are your main weapons when it comes to working from home. Clean all the files you don’t need anymore. Set folders for the projects you are working on. Of course, learn how to set, and use your calendar in the most effective way. You can use an electronic one, or get some fancy planner. 

Living Area Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your living area needs special treatment. Usually, you spend most of the time there. Except for your family, you have other family members and friends who you usually welcome there. No matter if they are just on a cup of tea or coffee, or you are hosting a celebration, this place must be always welcoming, and organized. 

I usually start with the plants I have in my living room. Wipe their leaves, and clean their pots. Right after I am ready to deal with all other pieces of furniture, and household.

  • Clear off all surfaces and households: the coffee table, couches, and chairs.
  • Clean the couch and underneath.
  • Dust bookcases, tv, shelves, coffee, and side tables.
  • Wash curtains, drapes, blankets, and throw pillows with removable covers. 
  • Clean windows and vacuum out the floor.
  • Deep clean the floors, sweep and wash hardwoods, and vacuum all carpeting.
Antoaneta's passion is healthy living, lifestyle, and sports. Her short stay in South France and USA is her wider source of inspiration. Interested in modern models of education, travel, and home interior.