Best Plants For Window Boxes To Create A Stunning Display

Your house will have a completely different look when you add some window flower boxes.

Making your windows colorful and fresh with flower boxes could be a huge challenge.

Before you start creating your stunning display, you should consider some important points.

Firstly, how sunny or shady are your windows, is it too windy from this side, what is the climate where you live in general? You could not expect to have year-round blooming flower boxes if you live in a colder area.

Secondly, plan carefully how to plant the flowers. You could create a magical mini garden on your windows. Mix and match colors and highs and arrange a perfect flower piece of art. Remember to mix flowers with a similar need for watering and sun exposure, and soil preferences.

It’s a wonderful idea to use self- watering flower boxes to safe and mostly to make sure their soil will remain moist for longer.

Of course, pick the flowers based on their blooming period if you like to create something magical.

And not least you should really take care of your plants. They need some extra care like fertilization and drainage of their boxes. Having them outside they are easy to be reached by the insects and pests which may cause a lot of trouble.

So, are you ready to design something stunning?

Now is the greatest time to have a wonderful and colorful view from your windows and to plan the view for the spring. L

ate autumn you could plant all bulb flowers like tulips, iris, allium, daffodils and etc.

1Monochrome Plants For Window Boxes

If you are starting your first plants for window boxes project, probably it is good, to begin with, something simple but gorgeous. Choose monochrome petunia boxes and you will be fascinated by how beautiful and easy to grow they are.

One of their advantages is they are blooming from late spring to middle autumn. A variety of colors and sizes make them easy to combine between each other and other flowers too.

2Pop And Drop Plants For Window Boxes

A wonderful mix of plants for window boxes. It has different heights, colors, and thicknesses. A lovely little garden on your window. In many occasions you can even mix herbs with flowers for a greater result.

3From A Window Boxes To Entire Wall

When a box plants turn into a green waterfall. A stunning display for everyone who loves plants and flowers.

4Bright And Beautiful

The bright nasturtiums perfectly match the August sun. Great for window boxes because of their beautiful flowers and round leaves. Mix them with purple petunias and other greens and you will get fresh and bright window display.

5A Mint Fresh

Planting herbs and flowers is a wonderful way to have a different texture of your window boxes. Mint is good for shady places and need a little bit more water. It goes well with a hummingbird flower.

The mint scent is a wonderful way to keep the bugs away. Plus you will always have a fresh addition for your homemade lemonade and cocktails.

6Bold And Bright

Almost all colors from the rainbow. Many different shapes and sizes of green leaves. A window that will make you smile.

7Green, Green Evergreens

Perfect for cold climate areas, wonderful and beautiful evergreen plants for window boxes. Great as a Halloween or Christmas decoration. You could add lights or candle lanterns, small pumpkins or snowman figures, or other holiday accessories.

8Get In The Mix

Sometimes the best you can do is mix and try different flower schemes. Especially when your window exposure is with mixed shade and sunny periods.

9Simply Beautiful

Purity and spirituality, one of the main meanings of the white flowers. They are simply beautiful and elegant. Easy to combine with other flowers and greens.

10Welcome The Spring

If you want to surprise the spring with these beautiful tulips window boxes start from the autumn.

These beautiful flowers have many shapes and colors and all are gorgeous. The best known Dutch flower is coming from the Ottoman Empire. There are many worldwide tulip events that must be seen.

11Heirloom Flowers

These rare and beautiful flowers will make your window absolutely a classy and unique vision.


Lavender is famous for its aromatherapy. You could easily include it in your plant’s window boxes and you won’t regret it. It is easy to be grown and you will feel the spirit of Provance any time you pass by the window.

13Pussywillows And Spring Flowers

Very spring and fresh plant window boxes to decor your home. Violets and hellebores prefer cooler temperatures and are great for outside window boxes.

14Show Your Own Style

Be creative and innovative. Use any occasion to show your personal vision of beauty and design. That’s why we are all different.


These little beauties are considered as the forerunner of the spring. Same as tulips its bulbs should be grounded during fall. These creative flower boxes alternatives are so natural and clean. Simply stunning in their purity.

16He Loves Me… He Loves Me More

Who doesn’t like daisies? They are little suns, so joyful and cute. With daisy boxes, your windows will have a wide smile on and will cheer up everyone.

Best plants for window boxes-create a stunning display

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