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A home always calls for improvement! Even if you are done with the major renovations in your family nest, changes in family dynamics and family members’ needs always keep you thinking how to optimize existing decor, rearrange spaces and furniture pieces, and freshen up the mundane look of old time favorites. We have been there! We’d use this comparison: fixing up an an apartment is like having one child, whereas updating a house feels more like having triplets. It just goes on and on.

Some, or some people’s husbands, ahem, may prefer to pay designers and handymen to do the rebuilding and craftsmanship work for them. Things can easily grow out of presumed proportions and you may find yourself at a renovation stage where are you doing things like seeking a solution for bad credit scores. On the other hand, there also plenty of jaw-dropping, exciting and affordable DIY home decor projects that will require only a small investment, a tone of enthusiasm and coffee, and about a weekend to complete.

Check out these stunning, creative and whimsical DIY home decor projects that will make you fall in love with your home anew!

1DIY Art Deco Dresser

This one should take about four hours to complete, the gold metal leafing included! Full tutorial here.

2Wood Pallet Accent Wall

source: pinterest

3Fireplace Wall Accent

4DIY Bedroom Ceiling

5Fancy Drape in Cut-Out Archways

This is based on a commercial dressing room and would translate gorgeously for a walk-in closet at home.

6Silver Moon Cradle

Setting up a nurture corner in your living room or bedroom is an absolute must!

7Rabbit Tail-White Rattan Cradle

credit: @nestingwithgrace

8DIY Sparkling Mermaid Lingerie Chest

Involving some sanding and picking the right mix of paints, this mesmerizing mermaid decor piece project will take an entire afternoon. So worth it though! It looks like it will one day become a cherished vintage gem.

9Good Ol’ Repaint Job

source: http://diycrafts2019.ml/
unique home decor projects diy paint table momooze.com online magazine for the modern mom

Repainting old china cabinets and dressers and adding gold accents lends an irresistible glam and charm to these old household favorites!

10Spruce up the Door Knobs

Give a mansion feel to the familiar closet doors with some statement knobs!

11Reusing Old Doors as Sliding Doors

Antique meets modern…

12More Antique Sliding Doors

If you have that Southern girl euphoria and crave some barn inspiration, you can always combine the best of both worlds by installing nostalgia-stirring, out-of-place pieces that will fit right in!

13Repurposed Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

It takes just one day to put this table together, and you can find plenty of tutorials online to upcycle your vintage sewing machine into a desk or a chair for the reading room!

14Unique Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Sink

15Stump Masterpiece

16Sailor’s Rope Lamp

17DIY Two-Tier Fruit Produce Stand

18DIY Barrel Coffee Table

Turn your coffee table into the star of your living space. There is nothing like the rustic appeal of an old barrel. For this project, you would only need a few hardwood planks and a bunch of basic tools!

19The Vintage Suitcase Side Table

Crafting this Legally Blonde piece is expected to take somewhat over five hours…

20Upcycled Floating Suitcase Shelves

213D Shelf

The cube illusion works great!

22The Bookshelf Chair

The “biblio-chaise” is super easy to build and we would certainly pick some more scrumptious pillows!

23Minimalist Dining Space


You need very basic wood manipulation skills for setting up such a charming chillax corner!

24Bathroom DIY

Because there can never be too much toilet paper in storage…

25Skateboard Lights

26The Bookworm Staircase

Personalize the staircase with your family’s favorite books!

27Jewelry Chest

These lovely homemade jewelry chests are inspired by an Anthropologie piece and certainly make for a unique addition to your bedside or living room!

Tune in for more soon!


  1. What a beautiful post. Some of these are really amazing. My favorite is the repurposed suitcases!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. #7 photo cred and interior designer @nestingwithgrace. You really should make more of an effort to only post photos with credit.


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