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Let’s face it, being a mom in the 21st century is a pretty stressful proposition, even if it’s a journey you’re not undertaking alone.

The money worries alone are enough to make anyone think twice before having kids. Did you know that it costs almost a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child to adulthood these days?

Moreover, the economy is doing its best to keep our wages low despite the skyrocketing cost of living. The deck is stacked against even the hardest working among us, let alone those of us who have kids to raise on top of juggling a career and something that even remotely resembles a social life not to mention slaving way in the kitchen to create nutritious and delicious meals bursting with the nutritious veggies that our kids need to grow up strong and healthy.

After a hard day’s work, we want to come home to a veritable temple of relaxation. Your home should be relieving your stress rather than contributing to it.

Yet, all too often we come home to a house that’s dirty, smelly, cluttered and untidy. Here are some solutions that will make your home more relaxing… Instantly!

1For the Love of Candles

Want an instant chill? Think candles? Long hot bath filled with bubbles, candles in each corner and a book waiting for you as you get home from work. What more could you wish for? Oh, a glass of wine of course!

2Coastal Touches

Vibrant coastal theme will immediately make you feel like you came to a holiday home. Nothing is more relaxing than reminding yourself of the coastal life you lead when on holiday. Bring some of that with you back home.

3Hygge Your Home

The hottest trend of 2017 is still here to rule the home decor world. With a few simple hygge tricks you can immediately transform your home into cozy comfy paradise made for relaxation.

4Bring the Outdoors In

Invite the best of outdoors inside. Create a space for relaxation that will allow you to connect with nature and offer plenty of light.

5Collapse onto a comfy sack

An afternoon spent on the sofa is all well and good, but sometimes we want a little more comfort, support and relaxation (not to mention solitude).

We want somewhere where we can relax and meditate on a piece of furniture that essentially gives you the big hug you need. Comfy sacks can provide this for you.

They’re incredibly customizable so that you can find the perfect combination of colors and fabrics to suit your home and its shredded foam filling will support aching bodies without ever succumbing to compression.

6Color me chilled

Never underestimate the semiotic effect that color has on our mood. The color of your walls, your furniture and even the art you display on your walls can impact upon your mood.

If you’ve had a stressful day, looking at colors like reds, burnt oranges or pale creams, whites and grays (which highlight all kinds of stains, marks and imperfections) can actually add to your stress. Instead, consider soothing colors like a soft blue, beige, dusty pink or lavender.

7The power of plants

Even if your budget is extremely limited, the addition of a few simple houseplants can help to relieve stress and add a calming quality to your living space. They oxygenate the room, reduce our levels of the stress hormone cortisol and can even repel flies. Any of these plants can help to relieve anxiety while also helping your home smell gorgeous.

8Hammock Away

Fancy feeling like on an exotic vacation? All you need is a comfy hammock and you’re half way there! Perfect for afternoon naps or a lazy book time away from everyday life duties.

9Let There Be Light

Nothing brings in atmosphere of coziness and relaxation as much as good lighting. The good news is that they don’t require massive investment for the maximum impact. Throw in a few pillows and you found yourself your favorite place in the whole house.

10Reading Corner

If your idea of relaxation is hiding away with a good book, then a good reading chair is a must! Preferably placed by a huge window and not taken over by your four legged friends.

You don’t have to break the bank or rip up your floorboards to make your home more relaxing!


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