Your Guide to Fall Health and Wellness

Who doesn’t love Fall? Pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, Halloween—there is so much about this season that is great and we can’t wait to embrace every moment of it.

But with the arrival of Fall also arrives a season of enhanced risk for your health. In addition to the pandemic, there is a wave of the cold and flu season that is going to come through—along with less daylight that encourages us to get outside and get moving.

For many of us, we find ourselves shifting from a bustling summer of activities to more time spent snuggling up in cafes or under a blanket on the couch. While mentally this may be a good idea, it does put our immune system at risk when we continually opt to be stagnant.

So how can we still enjoy fall without putting our health at risk? Luckily there is a range of ways you can take a proactive stance on your health this season. We want to make sure you get to enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking outings, and dressing up for Halloween this season—which is why we have created your guide to Fall health and wellness.

Your Guide to Fall Health and Wellness

Take Daily Vitamins

Even with a well-balanced meal, we can all benefit from taking more vitamins as part of our daily routine. They are a type of insurance policy on our health that basically ensures no matter what happens during the day, our body will have the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and keep us moving.

There is a range of vitamins that will benefit you, from Vitamin A for shiny skin to Vitamin C for a strong immune system.

To discover more about the vitamins you should be taking in your daily diet, head over to fatty15’s blog and learn about the types of vitamins to choose from and how long it will take before they start to work.

Protect Yourself from Strokes

If you fall into the category of being vulnerable to strokes—which are a huge health and wellness risk among many Americans right now, then taking blood thinners could be the answer.

They are most commonly prescribed by doctors for those who need extra protection for their heart and the natural thinners like fish oil or garlic just simply aren’t going to cut it.

You want a healthy heart this Fall, so make sure to chat to your doctor about whether or not you should be taking extra precautions to protect your vital organ.

Invest in CBD Products

One of the biggest health and wellness trends that we recommend getting on board for this Fall is CBD products. The best are found on Hempvana and can help with muscle and joint pain.

It is a new type of topical skincare that is able to reduce inflammation and get rid of any pain in an environmentally friendly way. So if aches and pains are looking to limit your Fall fun, then investing in CBD products is certainly the way to go.

From gel patches, skin cream, and roll-on sticks, there is the right CBD-infused product out there for you.

Stylish and Functional Glasses

Glasses are one of the trendiest accessories to wear this Fall. They not only give you a sophisticated Fall look but also give those cozy and studios Fall vibes that match that plaid button-down shirt or sweater.

One of the best to consider is the stylish goggles for nurses, which are able to block out blue light, UV and are anti-fog.

Even if your eyesight is good, you can still benefit from wearing glasses that protect your eyes against harmful threats like blue light and UV rays—so that you can ensure your sight remains 20/20. And if they are comfortable enough for nurses to wear all day, they are bound to provide you with great comfort too.  

Boost Your Immune System

As we mentioned earlier, Fall is primetime for the cold and flu to sneak in and threaten your health. But a great way to give yourself protection from this is by drinking natural tea every day.

Filled with the perfect dose of plant power, there are tons of herbal teas designed by experts that provide you with all you need to stay healthy.

And if the cold or flu season does get the better of you, drinking herbal tea that is curated for soothing your body is a great remedy to getting better faster.

Keep Up the Exercise

Don’t stop that workout routine, even if it means you need to do so in the dark! Continue waking up early for that morning jog or playing tennis with your friends after work.

Giving your body the chance to be outside in the fresh air and giving it a good workout where you get your sweat on is a sure way to keep your immune system in top knot shape! So as tempting as it may be to skip the exercise this Fall, your health and wellbeing will greatly benefit from moving your body a little bit every single day.

The best tip to keeping up the exercise is to choose activities that you love and you will be encouraged to do it more!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the best ways to keep your health up even during riskier times is by getting enough quality sleep each and every day. On average, you should be getting at least eight hours of sleep every single night that is uninterrupted.

Recovery time for your body is super important and allows your immune system to perform optimally the very next day. When we overtire our body,

Keep Up Your Routine

As much as we have adventurous spirits, our bodies also crave routine. So don’t overstress it too much by changing your routine altogether this Fall.

Keep the structure the same while obviously adding in some fun and new stimulating experiences. This means that you should continue to set your alarm for the same time, journal during breakfast, take a walk outside at lunch and eat dinner around the same time each evening.

When you keep up your routine, your body will feel more prepared to battle with the unexpected.

Stay Hydrated

Just because the long summer days are gone does not mean you should decrease the amount of water you drink. If anything, you should be drinking more than the season prior so that you continually cleanse your body out of any threats that may have entered.

Plus, our body can still lose as much fluid as the hot months simply because we are wearing more clothing and thus sweating just as much!

Staying hydrated will also help keep your skin looking smooth and perfect even when the summer tan fades away.

Go into Fall feeling better than ever before. While it is a time of sweater weather and our favorite flavored lattes, there is more risk to our health than any other time of year—in addition to the fact we are still in the middle of a pandemic!

So to stay healthy both mentally and physically, it is important to have a balanced diet, get lots of exercises, stay hydrated, wear protective eyewear, and use natural CBD products that help you feel your best.

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