breakfast charcuterie boards

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Hip hip hooray for the upcoming weekend! You will sleep a lit longer, you will have a cup of coffee on your couch instead of the car. Plus, you will have time to prepare five stars hotel breakfast.

Because breakfast charcuterie boards give you everything you desire for a classy, delicious breakfast.

From fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, juicy fruits, and melting cheese. For an ultimate result, combine sweet and savory, raw nuts, creamy dips, and a variety of jams.

Bagels and smoked salmon, delicious sausages, and pickles. Collection of tastes and flavors you love the most to make your breakfast a small feast.

Create a real piece of art selecting the food your family loves the most and surprise them with a fancy serving of breakfast. Set a surprising Sunday brunch for your besties and fascinate them with a variety of a fine selection charcuterie.

Combine it with cheese, french toasts, grapes, strawberries, and everything you decide.

1Pancakes And Sausages Board

Breakfast is not the same without pancakes. You can prepare them in many variation and recipes. Banana pankaces, or classical it is up tp you.

2Pancakes And Bacon Board

Crispy becon is the obligatory element for a good and tasty breakfast.

3Bean Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

Green beans gives you good amount of vitamin C, and K, which are needed for healthy skin, and hair.

4Bagel Charcuterie Board

Bagels are great with butter, cream cheese, and perfectly fit for breakfast charcuterie boards.

5Beacon And Eggs Board

Another variation of bacon and eggs for breakfast, but with alot of benefits.

6Pancakes And Maple Syrop Board

Maple syrop and pancakes are best friends forever, even in charcuterie boards. Surrounded by fresh strawberries, blueberries and bacon.

7Pomegranate And Pistachio Board

Exotic and extremly healthy, pomegrante is full with antioxidants and vitamins. Perfect for breakfast.

8Donuts And Fruits Board

Donuts with cup of coffee have completely different taste when they are served at home on a charcuterie board.

9Cheese And Fruits Board

Dry fruits, some cheese and crackers. Perfect board for Sunday brunch. Serve light rose and you and your besties will spend wonderfuly the weekend.

10Avocado Strawberries Board

Do not forget that avocado is one of the most nutrient-dense food and make sure to include it in your weekly menu.

11French Charcuterie Board

Do it like the French- crispy baggette, dark chocolate, fruits and cheese of course.

12Cherry Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Adding just small portion of cherries in your daily menu you are giving enough amount of antioxydants, vitamins and fibers. Plus, you are reducing the risk of many types of cancer.

13Waffles Charcuterie Board

Hmm, waffles… They are so good with any kind of topings.

14Cinnamon Rolls Board

breakfast charcuterie boards

Spice up your mornings with deicious cinnamon rolls and enjoy the day!

15Hummus Charcuterie Board

Hummus, proschuti, apples and your perfect breakfast is ready. Full with flavors and tastes.

16Pita Bread Board

Fresh pita bread and sour cream, avocado and bacon. Easy charcuterie board for a fancy Sunday brunch.

17Salomon Bagel Board

Smoked salmon goes perfectly with cucmber bites and avocado. Serve it on a board for your next brunch with your besties.

18Pecan Charcuterie Board

Nuts are one of the components for perfect charcuterie board. Choose pecan, pistacho, or cashew.

19Shrimps Sticks Board

A 5 stars brunch charcuterie board could be easily collected at home for a family brunch idea.

20Camembert Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

21Capers Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

Do not foget to add a savory flavor to your charcuterie board. Pickles or capers is about of your personal taste.

22Pastrami Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

Tender bread, melting strong cheese, and flavorful pastrami for an ultimate gouts.

23Toasts Breakfast Charcuterie Board

I really like the smell of fresh baked toasts with melting butter, hot cup of coffee. In combination with fresh fruits, soft, tneder croissants you will get a French style breakfast.

24Blueberry Charcuterie Board

Make sure your breakfast offer you different tastes and give you variaty and well- balanced amount of good nutritions.

25Meddetiarian Charcuterie Board

This charcuterie board brings a fresh Meddeteriene breeze from Greece or Italy where tomatoes, red onion, and olives are so, so delicious.

26Mini Burgers Board

If you are fan of burgers you will love this charcutier board- mini burgers and cheeseburger. Add some jelaeno peppers, bacon and chips.

27Cinnamon Bagels Board

Vriaty of jams and dips for one of the most declicious bagels.

28Chocolate Chip Waffels

29Sweet Temptation

Soft and tender pancakes in a combination with berries, peanut butter and chocolate chip.

30Heart-Shaped Waffles Board

Be creative and make the favorite waffles in different shape- hearts, stars- kids will love them.

breakfast charcuterie boards