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Turning your little one’s nursery into a tranquil haven touched by nature has never been easier now that you know where to draw some great inspiration from! In this latest post, we have put together a selection of some of the most gorgeous houseplants for your baby’s nursery, which are non-toxic and easy to find in your local gardening center, can survive poor maintenance, and will look lovely near a crib!

Whether you have a green or a brown thumb, these plants will easily fit into your daily routine, while adding a bit of green, gold, pink, silver, and other soothing tones to your little one’s dreamland home. Moreover, their air-purifying properties will ensure a healthier environment and help towards preventing asthma and other breathing conditions which are way too common nowadays due to the increased pollution and microparticles in the air we breathe even at home!

Spruce up your baby’s nursery with these gorgeous greens, not fearing whether the little one will nibble on them behind your back!

1Baby Rubber

This Florida and Mexico native plant can grow pretty big – it thrives in indirect light and can bear some neglect when it comes to watering!

2Christmas Cactus

Native to Brazil’s Organ mountains, this succulent beauty is safe to touch and blooms bright and colorful in the winter months! Check out our recent article 23+ Ways to Decorate Your Home With Succulents, where you will find more ideas on how to integrate these beautiful and low-maintenance plants into your home decor!

3Barberton Daisy

This South African native needs more direct light and can surprise you with bright, mood-boosting blooms at any time of the year!

4Boston Fern

While the majority of ferns are actually toxic to children and pets, the Boston fern is a perfect exception! Find a larger corner or side space for this one, as it can grow pretty big!


Native to Madagascar, this pretty bus tree-like plant doesn’t need much water and it takes a good amount of filtered light, such as the one coming through a curtain! It’s ideal for a jungle-themed nursery – its ornamental leaves and stem give an exotic feel to any space!

6Burro’s Tail

Also known as Donkey’s Tail, this gorgeous succulent grows great as a cascading plant in soft hues and since it originates from warm countries like Honduras and Mexico, it readily enjoys full light exposure!


Soft baby pink for a little princess, what more can we say! But this Peruvian beauty does need more watering!

8Wax Plant

Also called hoya, this cascading beauty with tight clusters of scented flowers is becoming increasingly popular for home decoration this season!

9Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is a classic for bedrooms because it looks incredibly stylish and doesn’t expand sideways. Since it’s a cactus, it doesn’t require much light and water, and occasionally, out of nowhere, it will surprise you with creamy white blooms!

10Spider Plant

This one is really easy to maintain and you can forget it for a few days altogether with a clear conscience! You can also separate the roots and arrange it into different pots!

11Phalaenopsis Orchid

This highly decorative prettiness comes in different colors and prefers warm and wet pampering!

12African Violet

Perfect for the window sill, the bright purplish blooms and velvety leaves of the African Violet will add some deep magic feel to the nursery space!


The good old basil which we usually put on the windowsill in the kitchen is great for nurseries too, since it is a very gentle plant, aromatic and non-toxic! It may not be an orchid, but it does hold that old time charm!

14Baby’s Tears

Another soft, safe-to-touch addition to your baby’s room, which also produces a myriad of little white flowers that feel like feathers and look like morning dew!

15Prayer Plant

This Brazilian classic named so because of how the leaves fold into a hands-in-prayer gesture at night, loves moisture and indirect light and reveals some gorgeous patterned beauty during the day!

16Jade Plant

Another low-maintenance succulent, which you can creatively and safely arrange into a handmade, decorative pot!

17Blue Echeveria

Mesmerizing blue hues, no matter whether it’s for a boy or a girl!

18Ponytail Palm

Provide much sunlight and little water to a Ponytail Palm and it will grow tall and statuesque alongside your little sprout!

19Wandering Jew

The soft pink-purplish leaves of the Meandering Jew will add a gentle, mysterious touch to the nursery decor! Since the plant tends to grow meandering like a grapevine, you can also create an entire themed decor wall in the same tones!

Let’s get started!


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