30 Succulent Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Succulents seem to have overtaken many other indoor plants as the kings of the indoor jungle world and we have rounded up the 30 best succulent decorating ideas to get you on the trend.

Super easy to care for and available in all shapes, sizes, and colors – it’s not hard to imagine why they are so popular.

Thanks to Pinterest, we are constantly flooded with ideas and inspiration on how to make them part of our world. No matter how bad your gardening skills are, it takes a real determination to kill a succulent, so don’t worry.

If you already have your own succulent family, or just planning to start one, here are some of the coolest ways to display your new green friends!

Feel free to leave a comment below where you display yours!

Create a vertical succulent garden, or enjoy a hanging succulent chandelier. So many, gorgeous and natural-looking ways to give your home a greener look.

Succulent Decorating Ideas: 30 Creative Ways to Decorate

Succulent Arrangement

Don’t keep them lonely. Succulents love company! Combine a few of them in a traditional-looking pot for a more impressive impact. Don’t worry, they won’t fight over their borders.

succulent decorating ideas

Succulents in Bowl Terrariums

These readily available glass terrariums are big enough to make planting your succulents super easy. Get a little glass igloo for your own green friends.

succulent decorating ideas

Floating Succulents

A little DIY project for those who want their succulents to have a bit of view. All you need is a string and a round piece of wood.

floating succulents

Home Jungle

Succulents look amazing when combined with your other houseplants and kept in the original plant pots. What a cool display, right?

home jungle

Quirky Pots

We can’t get enough of these super cute pots! Which one is your favorite?

quirky pots

Succulent Lantern

Repurpose your old lantern into a new home for your succulents.

succulent lantern

Colored Sand Terrariums

A bit of oriental feel for a humble succulent terrarium.

Colored sand terrariums

Farmhouse Style Succulents

Shabby looking accessories make a great home for your green friends.

farmhouse style succulents

Minimalist Succulents

Clean and minimalistic.

minimalist succulents

Shelf Display

Display your treasure on your shelves.

shelf display

Wooden Planters

A unique planter that will contract beautifully with the green color of your plants.

wooden plants

Floating Succulents

DIY using some old pieces of wood and a piece of string.

floating succulents

Table Feature

For hard-core succulent fans.

table feature

Paper Love

Hide your ugly shop pots using this simple trick – all you need is a cool paper bag.

paper love

Statement Display

Create a whole landscape look using these statement planters.

statement display

Pumpkin Centerpiece

Just in time for Halloween?

succulent pumpkins

Succulents with Colored Stones

Bring on the colors!!!

colored stones

Fridge Magnet Succulents

One of the best succulent pots we’ve seen! Super practical and can be used alternatively with herbs for cooking. Genius.

fridge magnet succulents

Human Succulent Planters

This is just too adorable!

human succulent planters

Mini Terrariums

No need to buy purpose-made terrariums when you can just reuse your old glasses.

mini terrariums

Teacup Succulents

Recycle your grandma’s old teacups into a new home for your cactus friends.

teacup succulents

Succulents in Egg Shells

Simply glorious!

succulents in egg shels

Succulent Book Planter

Get creative with pots!

succulent book planter

Wine Glass Terrarium

Terrarium skill level – PhD.

wine glass terrarium

Succulent Lightbulbs

Pretty cool idea, shame there is not much growth room for your plants.

succulent lightbulbs

Original Succulent Storage

You might not have enough space to put this in practice in your home, but still looks pretty cool!

original succulent storage

Vertical Succulent Garden

A space-saving alternative which is a huge hit this year – a vertical garden which doubles as wall decor.

Vertical Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Our favorite one of all – a whole garden of cactus plants in different colors. Looks like one happy family, doesn’t it?

succulent garden

Succulent Pinecone

Create a beautiful succulent decoration suitable even for Christmas. Easy and natural-looking, stunning idea.

Decorating with Succulents 1

Succulent Christmas Tree

Decorating with succulents is a creative way to experiment with shapes, even to build a Christmas tree.

Decorating with Succulents 2

Succulents Wreaths

Bring the magic of the wood to your door and home.

Decorating with Succulents 3

Succulent Vertical Garden

Need more greens in your home? Enjoy a vertical succulent garden and feel the magic of Japan in your own home.

Decorating with Succulents 4

Hanging Succulent Garden

Hanging gardens of Babylonia could find a place in your home or porch. Such a beautiful and stunning idea.

decorating your home with succulents 5

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