Succulents Planter – Indoor, Outdoor & DIY Options

Oh how we love succulents!

If you’re part of the club too, you will love this post!

Over time, you’ve probably seen pretty random, awesome or plain ridiculous places where people plant their green best friends. Gardeners try to get inventive in the pursuit of the next cool thing, no matter how impractical.

Luckily, the holy grail of succulents known as Pinterest is full of creative ideas how to take your succulents game to the next level.

If you’re looking for gift inspiration, or for the next container to plant your growing family, here are over 30+ ideas to get your creative mind going.

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Indoor Succulents Planter

Framed Planter

This planter combines a round frame construction which is pretty cool if you can also get some crawling plants to wrap around it. If you want this specific one, you can get it here.

iron frame succulents

Simple Glass Bowl

Sometimes all it takes is a pretty bowl and a few stones – let your succulents shine in a natural way.

succulents planter 7

Geometric Succulents Planter

A touch of Nordic flare – this planter is actually pretty cool as you can hang it on the wall! You can get one here.

geometric succulent planter

Old Copper Pot

Perfect if you want to grow something bigger like cactus with your succulents family.

succulents planter 8

Marble Planters

Stylish alternative that’s more suitable for offices, bathrooms and other places where you want to keep it looking classy & elegant. Get all three in here.

caroline marble planters pot holders stand succulents

White Ceramic Pot

Add colorful succulents to a plain white ceramic planter which will really bring out their color.

succulents planter 10

Nordic Wall Planters

Another option if you prefer to take your planting away from table and to the walls. This is a metal frame with glass insert and looks gorgeous with white stones! Get them in three different sizes here.

best gifts for gardeners nordic wall planters

Cement Minimalist Planters

Even something so cold and plain as cement can look cool when paired with these bright succulent plants.

succulents planter 11

Vase & Planter in One

Here is an idea to re-purpose small vases and think a bit outside of the box. This one is available in three colors here.

succulents planter vase

Hanging Glass Planters

Beautiful addition to bright windows -all you need is a few glass bowls and a rope.

succulents planter 12

Nordic Style Multi-Use Planter

This one is great for bigger planters like cactus but looks very pretty also with succulents. Get one here.


Classic Terrarium Planter

The staple of indoor succulents garden – Terrarium Planter.

succulents planter 13

Simple White Cup

Even a simple white cup makes a beautiful succulent planter.

succulents planter 16

Grouped Glass Bowls

Group different sizes of glass bowls for maximum impact. These work well also as a decoration under a larger glass table.

succulents planter 14

Ceramic Succulents Planter

Elephant Ceramic Planter

Family of ceramic elephants make a wonderful home for your succulents. Get yours here.

elephant ceramic planter

Arty Planters

Add a splash of color to a boring ceramic planter!

succulents planter 25

Animal Succulents Planter

You’ve probably seen these somewhere already and for good reason – they are just too cute. Get them here.

animal succulent planters

Gold Strike

Minimalist but modern design, what’s not to love?

succulents planter 26

Hexagon Ceramic Planters

For a modern home or office. Get them here.

hexagon succulent planters

Holding Hands

This is a work of art!

succulents planter 28

Succulent Hair Ceramic Planter

Another one of those that makes you smile every time you look at them. Get these here.

ceramic succulent planters

Modern Simplicity

For minimalist interiors, this will be love at first sight!

succulents planter 29

Baby Owl Planter

A tree with three adorable owls as new home for your succulents. You can get it here.

baby owl planter

Outdoor Succulents Planter

Crazy Multi-Color Affair

Like a roller coaster in a garden!

succulents planter 1

Different Perspective

Original take on outdoor planting!

succulents planter 15

Multi Pot Paradise

An euphoria of colors and shapes!

succulents planter 2

Old Tins as Planters

Gorgeous uniform look for maximum impact.

succulents planter 17

Table Display

Reusing old pots and containers at its best.

succulents planter 3

DIY Succulents Planter

Drift Wood

Gorgeous in contrast with these vibrant green succulents.

succulents planter 4

Tea Set

Anyone for a cup of succulent?

succulents planter 9

Wooden Planter

Another natural take on using wood with succulents.

succulents planter 5

Vintage Tea Cup

Perfect as a gift for loved one too.

succulents planter 6

Wall Wooden Planter

Let your creativity run wild – this one is the perfect example of how to use scrap wood to create something beautiful.

succulents planter 18

Monogram Planter

Gorgeous as a gift.

succulents planter 19

Hanging Succulents Planter

Upcycling at its best!

succulents planter 20

Old Bird Cage

Turning old bird cage into something as beautiful as this!

succulents planter 21

Hanging Wooden Planter

Turn scrap wood into these hanging mini planters to display your succulents in a new creative way.

succulents planter 23

Tree Branch Planter

For more skilled DIY-ers.

succulents planter 30

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succulent planters indoor outdoor
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