rainbow candy platter

Fancy a bit of color in your life? You came to the right place!

Get inspired by our selection of rainbow art projects, small crafts, rainbow-colored food and desserts. Rainbow color scheme makes a vibrant theme for a birthday party, baby shower or any other gathering. Shower your life with color and let us know your favorite picks out of our selection in comments.

1Rainbow Macaroons

Super easy way to replace a traditional cake at a party. Get macaroons in rainbow colors from your local bakery and assemble in just a couple of minutes.

2Rainbow Sand Terrariums

Give your little green friend a little home upgrade with colored sand!

3Rainbow Dip

Top choice for kids’ parties. Better even with animal crackers.

4Rainbow Waffles

What a way to wake up! Breakfast waffles in the color of rainbow complete with puffy clouds of whipped cream.

5Rainbow String Art

source – dinahollandinteriors.com

Fancy a little rainbow project? This one makes a beautiful statement for your wall.

6Rainbow Marble Tart

Fun to bake and make with kids.

7Rainbow Cake Roll

Get crafty with this rainbow cake roll. Recipe in link under image.

8Rainbow Cake Topper

Super easy cake topper that works for any occasion.

9Rainbow Vase Display

Some food coloring and small vases are all you need to create this vibrant window display.

10Rainbow Cupcakes

Cupcakes in shape of ice cream cones filled with rainbow colored dough.

11Rainbow Bowl

The Instagram hall of fame.

12Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Another DIY project for kids room – tutorial in the link under the image.

13Rainbow Popcorn

Did you know you can make rainbow popcorn at home? We didn’t know either. Tutorial in link under image.

14Rainbow Wrapped Marshmallows

Cheer up your marshmallows with a slide of rainbow magic.

15Crayon Art Project

You’ve probably seen this before but it doesn’t make it any less cool.

16Rainbow Popsicles

Summer is almost over but you could bring a bit of the fun back with these rainbow popsicles. Recipe under image.

17Rainbow Jello

Hello Jello!

18Rainbow Shelf

Perfect display for little treasures and a great solution for mixed boy-girl rooms.

19Rainbow Sushi

Add food coloring to your rice and voila!

20Rainbow Wall Art

It almost looks too real, right?

21Rainbow Balloon Arch

The staple of any cool party.

22Rainbow Candy Platter

Food presentation – level: expert.

23Rainbow Lasagna

Your next birthday cake?

24Rainbow Cake

Way too pretty to be eaten?!

25Rainbow Bagels

If you haven’t had one of these, you are missing out!

26Rainbow Skirt

A bit of sunshine for your wardrobe.

27Rainbow Ice Pops

Rainbow in a healthy variety.

28Rainbow Pizza

Get your kids to eat their veggies by cooking up this rainbow pizza.

29Rainbow Bars

Sea adventures inspired rainbow bars.

30Rainbow Ice Cones

A small touch of awesomness for your next party.

31Rainbow Mac and Cheese

Dinner anyone?

32Salmon and Rainbow Veggies

Healthy and fun option for adults.

33Rainbow Hair

The best for last – who will dare to go for this?


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