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When your best friend shared her big news with you, you couldn’t contain your excitement. The thought of her getting married makes you absolutely thrilled, especially since you’re the one who gets to plan her bridal shower. When it comes to cool party themes you know you’re the absolute best and you can’t wait to try out all of your new ideas right now.

Planning the perfect bridal shower has several complicated elements; you have to make sure the right people are invited as well as getting the food spot on (hangry bridal shower guests are always a no go!).

When it comes to bridal shower decor, you can truly make it whatever you want it to be. You can choose a colour scheme that you know she will love or you could tie it into the theme of her wedding. 

Everyone and anyone who is invited to a party will always be expecting amazing food; a bridal shower is no different so you have to choose the right type of food for the occasion. You don’t want to be too cliche, so why not choose Select Catering for a huge range of stunning Asian dishes? This brings a whole new element to the party and will really liven up everybody’s taste buds and line their stomachs for a fun-filled evening of bubbly.

We took to Pinterest to find you the best inspiration for bridal shower decor, food and entertainment. Happy planning!

1Balloon Display

Balloons are a must have for a bridal shower! Making this DIY balloon garland is not as hard as it seems. Match it to your color scheme and make a display that will be adored and photographed from all angles.

2Floral Ice Cubes

Think they are only for weddings or glam parties? Not anymore! These beautiful ice cubes are super easy to make in advance and make a stunning addition to the party. Mix with basic ice cubes on the bottom.

3Bridal Donuts

Diamonds are one of the most popular themes for bridal showers, don’t leave them out of yours!

4Lemon Theme

Fancy something a bit more fresh and original?

5Cute Flowers

English tea party kind of decor, but super adorable.

6Arabian Nights Theme

Surprise your guests with something truly original – Arabian nights inspired bridal shower.

8Photo Backdrop

All good parties come with an awesome backdrop. For the bridal shower, you can keep things simple with something like this.

9All White Bridal Shower

If you like the clean and sophisticated look, then this theme will be a great choice. Having all white bridal party means less headache when looking for coordinating accessories.

10Coffee Bar

Starting off with coffee?

11Boho & Bubbly Bridal Shower

Boho is not just a great theme for baby showers but also for bridal showers!

12Original Decor

Set up a feature table with original floral decor like this one.

13Garden Party

Backyard party? All you need is a few balloons and pretty table setting. Parties like this can be done even on a tiny budget.

14Donut Cake

Another thrifty option – donut cake. How cute is this?

15Cute Favors


Grow some love.

16Ring Toss Game

Where the fun starts.

17Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas

Super easy cocktails to welcome your guests.

18Photo Props

Instagram memories.

19Outdoor Shower

White and copper on green background – party designer’s dream.

20Tropical Bridal Party

Spice things up a bit with tropical themed party.

21Welcome in Style

Fancy welcome signs are not just meant for weddings! Make one for your bridal shower too!

22Parisian Bridal Shower

French inspired?

23Bubbly Bar

Most important thing on the party – after the future bride – proper display for your bubbly.


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