Do you kids love playing Fortnite? In that case a special request for a Fortnite themed birthday party might be already in place!

Any Fortnite obsessed gamer is going to appreciate the attention to detail that’s gone into planning your awesome party. From decorations, food, party favors to cool Fortnite invitations, we’ve rounded up everything you need to see to plan your very own Fortnite Birthday party!

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1Fornite Outdoor Party Setup

2Fortnite Party Game Idea

3Sleep, Eat, Repeat

4Simple Fornite Birthday Cake

5Fortnite Slurp Juice

6Fortnite Birthday Invitation

source: Pinterest

7Fortnite Cookies

8VIP Party Cards Printables

9Gun Powder

source: Pinterest

10Drop Bags

11Fortnite Birthday Cake

source: Pinterest


13Printable Bandages

14Cool Fortnite Cake

15Balloon Cupcakes

source: Pinterest

16Battle Royal Cookies

17Durrr Burger

18Fortnite Dessert Table

19Fortnite Mini Shields


21Simple Fortnite DIY Cake

source: Pinterest

22Dessert Display

23Themed Drinking Cups

source: Pinterest

24Party Favors

25Free Popcorn Box Printables

26DIY Fortnite Party Decorations

source: Pinterest

27Drop Gift Bags


source: Pinterest

29Drop Table

source: Pinterest

30Fortnite Creative Cupcakes

source: Pinterest

31Dusty Divot Donuts

32Cool Invitation

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