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Looking for the perfect maternity baby shower dresses? Throwing a baby shower is a great excuse to treat yourself to something stylish and elegant before the baby arrives. These days you are spoiled with choice when it comes to baby shower dresses.

Most moms choose to coordinate with the theme of the baby shower – for example, if you’re going for the woodland look, then a whimsical or boho style dress will fit perfectly. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and yourself and don’t squeeze yourself into something that will be pulling and scratching you the whole event.

Whether you opt for the classic blue or pink look or want something more neutral and modern, we gathered plenty of inspiration to help you choose the perfect look for your baby shower.

Let the hunt begin!

1Dusty Grey

This off-shoulder look in toned-down colors is one of the hottest trends this year. Super stylish and oh so comfortable!

2Pastel Off-Shoulder

Something a little more fitted that would work both for your maternity photoshoot and your baby shower too!

3White Lace

The classic angelic look moms just love! Elegant white dress with a touch of lace paired with simple floral crown for a little boho touch. Win-win.


If you don’t want anything super fancy, a ruffle dress in pastel colors will work like a charm.

5White Lace Maxi

Another take on the classic white dress, this time with ruffled sleeves and plenty more lace. Use a statement floral crown to add more drama to the outfit.

6Floral Dress

Pretty as a picture. Florals paired with beautiful tiffany-blue background colour. This dress can be easily transformed into everyday dress after the baby arrives.

7Vintage Dress

Something a little more unique – no need to go all floral and flowy. Sometimes a touch of vintage will add the elegance and style you are looking for.

8Bohemian Dress

Simple dress combined with a feature of florals for a bit of added drama to a simple outfit.

9Blush Dress


Another classic, much-loved dress option. Delicate blush lace finished with a satin bow. Picture-perfect.

10Elegant Off Shoulder

Baby blue dress in elegant off-shoulder cut highlighting your pregnancy curves perfectly.

11Laid Back Style

For a laid-back baby shower, opt for this simple combination of a neutral cardigan and a simple white dress.

12Soft Florals

Another take on florals – this time with a more subtle pattern and pastel tones.

13Flowing Dress

Princess-like baby shower dress that will make you want to wear it every single day.

14Mint Green

Bored of pink and blue? Steal the show in this mint green baby shower dress.

15Elegant White Dress

For ladies who like a bit of drama and don’t want to sacrifice style on their baby shower.

16Boho Baby Shower Dress

Flowy, floral and absolutely gorgeous!

17Matching Baby Shower Dresses

If you’re having a joint baby shower, matching dresses are a must!

18Feminine Baby Shower Dress

Almost wedding-like dress, perfectly acceptable for baby shower. Floral crown is a must.

19Top & Skirt Style Dress

If you don’t want a dress, you can create the same look using a lace top with flowy skirt.

20Nude Lace Dress

Another take on the much-loved nude lace dress.

21Long Sleeve Baby Shower Dress

Even long sleeves look absolutely gorgeous, like on this white baby shower dress.

22Burgundy Dress

Opt for wine colors to make a beautiful statement. This comfortable dress highlights your silhouette and the color adds a bit of sparkle in your eyes.

23Sparkly Baby Shower Dress


Oh we love sparkles! This one is a gem!

24Simple Black Dress

Keeping this simple? Black will work too!

25Pink Blush Baby Shower Dress


Beautiful wrap dress in gorgeous pink color – perfect choice for dark-haired moms.

26Romantic Pink Dress

A princess-like maxi dress will make you feel like a queen for the day.

27Ombre Baby Shower Dress

Something out of the ordinary – ombre effect dress in pink.

28Hot Pink with Floral Cover

To mix things up, combine the simple dress with the floral cover-up.

29Romantic Chiffon Dress

Classic and neutral – this comfy chiffon dress will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

30Polka Dot Baby Shower Dress

Something really cute – we love polka dots in all colors, not just red and black.

31Baby Blue Dress

Delicate elegant baby blue dress – with belt feature and long sleeves. Perfect for outdoor baby shower.

32Grey Polka Dot Dress

Another polka dot favorite – this time in grey.

33Grecian Dark Blue Dress

This wrap dress actually comes in a few different options – you can convert it based on what look you prefer the most.

34Fitted Ruffle Dress

If you prefer something fitted and elegant, this white dress is a match made in heaven.

35Bohemian Pink Dress

Another romantic twist on the classic pink dress – a little more drama and a lot more romance.

36Blue Chiffon Trapeze Dress

Stylish and super comfortable – perfect for outdoor summer baby shower.

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