woodland baby shower

Well, we’ve already created a post dedicated solely to your woodland baby shower needs. Then, we thought, why not create one dedicated just for woodland baby shower invites? Clearly, the first post was not enough to satiate your need for more invite inspirations.

We perfectly understand why you’d want more. Those woodland baby shower invites were so cute!

So, without further ado, let’s get to it again. Here’s a bigger list for y’all!

Woodland Baby Shower Invites

woodland baby shower


1Furry Friends

I love the solid brown wooden background and the colors of every other element. It’s perfectly balanced and very gender neutral!

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2Boho Teepee

Here’s something girly yet not so girly at the same time. The design is totally not girly but the fonts and the colors make it very feminine!

3Deer Antlers

Feminine yet true to the woodland baby shower theme. I love the combination of pink and coal black.

4Native Woodland

I am in love with this woodland baby shower invite! The feathers and flowers aren’t very woodland but because it sticks to the native American feel, you also get the woodland feel.

5Rustic Hedgehog


No other words to describe this but adorable! I give the color coordination a 100!

6Deer Antlers for Him

For him version of the deer antlers and still, the blue and the coal black works like a wonder!

7Rustic & Tribal

Want something not so animal related for your woodland baby shower invites? Go tribal!

8Dear in Birch Tree

I can picture out a long awaited son named Hunter. That name would look so badass on this invite! One of my personal faves.

9Bunny Love

Doesn’t this give you an enchanted feel? Like you’re in the Bambi dimension? The woodland baby shower theme is supposed to feel enchanted so I guess this fits perfectly!

10Blue Teepee

Teepee madness is love! I would say this is even gender neutral. The shade of blue is perfect for both genders!

Forest Animals

11Cartoon Effect

Nothing can be more fitting than this. All the woodland creatures you can feature in your woodland baby shower invite and the woodsy colors make it absolutely perfect!

12Winter Woodland

Having your woodland baby shower during the winter? Then you’re bound to love this! That scarf-wearing raccoon is uber cute!

13Baby Woodland Creatures

This was featured in our woodland baby shower ideas article. You can check out the article here.

14Outdoor Baby Shower

These woodland creatures made even cuter is the perfect accent to your invites! I love how some styles can be so similar yet so unique. I would not mind sending out these minimalistic invites for a woodland baby shower.

15Baby Fox

What a perfect invite to invite your friends in honor of you, the mother, and your awaited baby boy. It’s simple yet very eye-catching which is really what invites are for. Another best from Etsy! Also featured in our woodland baby shower article!

16Forest Friends

I love e-vites. There’s no stress with dealing with printing, addressing them and sending them out one by one. This is a perfect e-vite for a woodland baby shower!

17Forest Elegant

Don’t these two look absolutely elegant for a baby shower invite? If it weren’t for the forest animals, I would think this if for a formal event.

18Animals and Friends

I love how there’s no single blank space in this invite. It really maximized giving the woodland baby shower theme justice!

19Baby Forest Animals

The design of your woodland baby shower invites s really based on your preferences. Personally, I love the monochrome background and how the pop of color is focused on the center.

20Winter Woodlands

Here’s another version of woodland baby shower invites perfect for the winter season. I just love how minimalist this looks!

21Woodland Adventure

Yes, let the adventure begin! Having a baby is indeed like an adventure through the woods. It’s hard but the journey is worth it!

22Forest Friends Smile

If you want something that’s truly eye-catching, opt for a white background with colorful elements. Your guests will surely not overlook this invite!

Gender Neutral

23Fawna Fall Invite

If you want something a bit more on the graphic and artsy side, you can get something like this. It still embodies the woodland theme but with a modern minimalist touch. Isn’t it lovely? Plus, the colors are very neutral so it would suit both genders!

24Coed Invites

I’m the type who don’t really like bright colors. As a matter of fact, I stick to monochrome colors which is why I am absolutely taken with this! Very chic for a shower invite!

25Black and Red Plaid

I don’t care if this is lumberjack themed, the red and black plaid is very much female appropriate. Nowadays, girls rock the plaid too!

26Woodland Wonderland

It pays to have a focal point. Woodland baby shower invites tend to be very busy. So, if you’re the type to prefer something neat and simple, this is perfect for you!

27Little Lamb

Not really very woodland but the lamb and the leaves around it works! Love the black and white!

28Forest Feel

Take away the forest animals? Why not? You can go for a totally forest feel with your woodland baby shower invites!

29Hedgehog White

Simple and pretty. Can’t get any more uncomplicated than this! Spend the rest of your budget on the festivity!

30Brown & Green

Oh, the beauty of simplicity. I’m a big fan of brown and I will not mind sending these out to my friends!

31Charming Woodland

Cute is an understatement for this invite. The pastel color are so adorable and make it perfect for non-gender inclined woodland baby shower invites!

32Woodland Wishes

I love how this invite is not text driven. Though there’s more room for it, I really like how the focal point is the graphic itself.

Have you chosen your faves already?

We’ve given you over thirty woodland baby shower invites to choose from so you won’t have a hard time. If you’ve already made your choice regarding the invites and need more help with the planning itself, check out our woodland baby shower ideas.

Have a great one!

Did you like any of these invites? Let us know in a comment below!


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