10 Green Baby Products That are Actually Worth Buying

As an eco-conscious parent, you want your baby to use green products. However, it’s not easy “going green”. Much of the green marketplace has fallen victim to “greenwashing,” which is when companies claim that their products are eco-conscious even though they still contain harmful ingredients.

The company will typically use buzzwords on their labels, such as “green,” “clean,” and “pure,” as a marketing tool to dupe consumers who think they’re purchasing environmentally friendly products to buy their ecologically harmful products at a much higher rate.

To avoid buying a greenwashed product, do your research; be sure to look at labels on products to see exactly what kind of materials or ingredients went into the making of said product. Also, pay close attention to any special certifications the product may have listed on its label.

For example, if you see “USDA Organic” and “Fair Trade Certified” on an item made solely out of organic cotton, you can rest assured that the product has met a rigid set of environmental and ethical standards, and is truly free from the harsh materials you are looking to avoid.

In all honesty, while buying green is the right thing to do to care for our planet and our loved ones, it can also be a great challenge to find deals on green products that actually work well.

However, the options below will allow you to buy substantial products that are good for the environment, as well as safe for your little one.

Green Baby Products: Baby Wash

green baby products

Zoe Organics bath wash is an excellent choice for a baby shampoo. It contains 100% organic ingredients.

When it comes to products, like shampoos and baby washes, you should avoid items with fragrances as they can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Don’t use products with sodium laurel sulfate as it can cause damage to the baby’s hair follicles. Products with parabens should be avoided too.

Green Baby Products: Crib Mattress

green baby products


Natural Mat Mohair is a crib mattress with natural materials, which means that it does not contain chemicals or synthetics. You can also opt for a crib mattress that features organic cotton, free from dyes and bleach.

Green Baby Products: Diaper Rash Ointment

green baby products

Calming diaper rash cream – it prevents the occurrence of diaper rash. This kind of ointment creates a moisture barrier. Also, unlike other ointments, this one doesn’t have harmful chemicals. Instead, it contains natural ingredients, like lanolin, vitamin-grade zinc, coconut oil and organic tea. It also includes French lavender and a pure essential oil blend. 

What’s great about this product is that it’s not only ideal for babies but for adults as well since it’s water-resistant.

green baby products

Weleda Calendula baby diaper rash is also a good choice. It contains petroleum-based ingredients. It doesn’t have harmful preservatives either.

This product is great as an instant healer for painful rashes. Plus, it’s not only ideal for diaper rash, it’s also great for treating scars, bug bites, and scrapes.

Green Baby Products: Teething Products

They must be free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Use teething aids that don’t contain BPA, phthalates and Polyvinyl chloride.

green baby products

One of the most popular teething products is Vulli Sophie la Girafe.

It’s made of natural rubber, free of toxic food paint. Plus, it doesn’t have phthalates and BPA. It offers numerous parts that your baby can chew on to help relieve the biting urge they have during the teething process.

Amber teething necklaces

amber teething necklace

This baby amber necklace is a natural teething remedy. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that act as a natural painkiller for your baby’s sore gums.


Green Baby Products: Eczema Treatment

Most steroid creams don’t treat eczema. Rather, they just relieve the itchy areas. If your baby suffers from eczema, go for lotions or spray that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

green baby products

This calming moisturizer doesn’t contain dyes, parabens, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals. It leaves your baby’s skin soft and glowing.

It’s also rich in antioxidants so it’s perfect for calming the redness as caused by eczema.

Green Baby Products: Cloth Diapers

There are tons of cloth diapers to choose from.

However, when looking for a set, follow the following guidelines:

(1) choose a product with leak-proof outer cover;

(2) choose a diaper set that easy to use;

(3) choose a set that has a durable snap, so that you can continue to use them as your baby grows.

green baby products

Compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapers are eco-friendly, even though you’ll still need to use water to clean them. Disposable diapers use more trees and plastics.

As long as you’re using sufficient amount of water to clean cloth diapers, you can help the environment by opting for it. However, if you choose cloth diapers, make sure that you frequently change them to avoid diaper rash.

Green Baby Products: Bottles

Choose bottles that don’t contain BPA.

From bottles to sippy cups, make sure that what your child ingests is natural and clean. Opt for plastic bottles that are BPA-free certified.

green baby products

Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottle
Thus, it reduces feeding problems, like burping and gas. It can also prevent fluid from entering your baby’s ear.

This product doesn’t contain BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead. Apart from that, it comes with a positive-pressure flow that’s similar to breastfeeding.

Glass Bottles

green baby products

If you wish to minimize the use of plastics at home or in feeding your baby, you can always opt for a glass bottle. Make sure to find the ones with thermal shock resistant. In this way, you can easily transfer it from cold to boiling water.

Choose a glass bottle with silicone sleeves. In that way, your baby will have a good gripping surface that he can hold. It also protects occasional drop.

In terms of baby products, it still boils down to what you think is best for your baby. The most important thing here is to choose eco-friendly products for their environmental impact and for the safety of your children.

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