cardboard box movies

Some parents buy toys for their kids. Some take them to different places in the world. Others would encourage a hobby. While some, recreate movies out of cardboard boxes with their kids.

Yes, you read me right. Lilly, Leon and Orson make up the small Mackie family with a huge imagination and incomparable creativity. This family re-creates their favorite movie scenes out of cardboard boxes!

After creating their masterpiece, they strike their poses, take photos and post it online for the world to be awed and enjoy!

So, since we want you to see the awesomeness for yourself, let’s get to it!

Cardboard Box Movies Equals Awesomeness!


cardboard box movies

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!

The cardboard box buildings look awesome. It’s actually fun how they got started with this hobby. They had so many boxes from moving from another country to another that they wondered what they were going to do with all those boxes. Lo and behold, the cardboard box movies were born.


cardboard box movies

The caption is priceless! Mad Max Fury Road changed to Dad Max Furry and Old! LOL! See what I mean about creativity? The brain behind all this genius is amazing. And Orson? He plays his role incredibly well.

3The Reve-RUNT

cardboard box movies

Have you seen those Oscar memes about the bear winning the Oscar instead of Leo winning? If this was the bear in the movie, that would be the case. This little man would win the cutie awards and THE Oscars!


cardboard box movies

The force is strong with this one. That is one sweet ride. What do they call them in Star Wars? Spaceships? Probably not. Clearly, I am not a Star Wars fan but I am impressed with these cardboard box movies re-creation.


cardboard box movies

Matt Damon drove a space exploration vehicle and I found the features extremely cool. This cardboard box movie ATV comes really close to what we saw in the Martian. Actually, it doesn’t come close but this is dang impressive.


cardboard box movies

I enjoyed the heck out of this movie. It was quirky and fun and very memorable. I would not recommend it for kids, though. But, this family makes a great looking Grand Budapest Hotel out of cardboard boxes!

7JUNIOR-assic World

cardboard box movies

Oh, mama. That T-Rex looks deathly terrifying. Actually, it’s not the best replica but, I love how perfectly it fits with their poses and acting. Superb!


cardboard box movies

I wonder if Tom Cruise was this cute when he was a baby. Man, from space crafts to dinosaurs to jet planes, you name it, they can make it. Their cardboard box movies re-creations are lit!


cardboard box movies

Michael J. Fox must have been a cutie when he was a bopping blonde-haired toddler. If he was, then this would be pretty close to home. I applaud the undeniably imaginative re-creation of Back to the Future.


cardboard box movies

It’s not the boxes. The best part about this photo is the mustache and the super Godfather-like expression. Orson nailed it and he is certainly the perfect Toddlerfather. This is the best one for me so far.

11Game of Thrones

cardboard box movies

I am an absolute fan of Game of Thrones and if Prince Geoffrey was this cute, I wouldn’t have hated the character even if he was a despicable self-conceited power-hungry coward. Wow, that was a lot of negatives. But, seriously, if he was this cute, I would be jumping the Lannister ship.


cardboard box movies

And, this list will not end without a classic most of our big brothers loved when they were kids. Idolized basically. MacGyver. He was the coolest human being to grace television once. Now, it’s Iron Man and Jason Bourne. But, you get what I mean.

13The Mackie Family

cardboard box movies

This is the Mackie Family – super imaginative and creative bunch. They prove art can come from something as simple as cardboard boxes.


Well, what do you think? Pretty impressive, huh?

I’m impressed and I enjoyed going through their gallery. They have probably hundreds of cardboard box movies re-creation under their belt.

One thing’s for sure, it’s an odd hobby but the results are amazing.

Check out their site Cardboard Box Office to see more of their work!