Parents vs Children – Hilarious Videos Detailing the Painful First Years of Parenting

Parenting is easy. Would you dare say that? Would you dare say parenting is easy when you only have one child? Or are raising one child at a time? You probably won’t have the sanity to say that it’s easy.

Imagine if you were raising more than one kid at a time. Twins? Triplets? A combination of toddlers and sets?

If you don’t have twins or triplets, try imagining yourself doing the same things for your kid right now only times 2 or 3. Can you handle it?

Not every parent is built to raise multiple kids at the same time. Then again, some make it work like magic. Check out these parents.

Dad VS Triplets & Toddler

YouTube video

Who knew getting kids ready for bed would be such a work out, right? I can’t help but smile at this video. The dad clearly is well rehearsed for episodes like this. He can probably do it in his sleep but I bet it was horrific the first few times before getting the routine down pat.

Parenting is all about love and lots of patience. You need lots of patience raising one kid. Imagine that ‘lots of patience’ and multiply it by 4 in this video.

Mom VS Triplets & Toddler

YouTube video

I would bet mom got the routine down first before dad did. She probably spent more time with the kids than dad does but it’s clear from both videos that they do their fair share and more.

This family calls themselves The Baby Gang. Dan Gibson and Corrie Whyte are winning at parenting their toddler, Emily, and triplets, Jackson, Olivia and Levi.

“Anybody who has one baby, two babies, or more, they really understand the struggle of going through a diaper change or getting them ready,” Gibson says.

-Via Bored Panda

Six Against One

YouTube video

Quite similar to the first two videos only more. This super dad was able to successfully dress his six kids! Six! He’s the father of a four-year-old, a three-year-old, a two-year-old and 10-month-old triplets! Just imagine the chaos if the video was not edited to have a different audio playing in the background.

Can you imagine yourself doing the same? I’m already wheezing and catching my breath just thinking about it.

Mom VS Triplets & Toddler: Feeding Time

YouTube video

I bet mom’s glad her toddler no longer needs to be spoon fed. It would be the most stressful times of the day if you had to spoon-feed triplets with baby food and a toddler with regular food.

Did you hear the crying bit in the video? Thank you, Corrie, for the Old St. Nick song! I would have turned the video off after the one minute mark of crying! You rock in parenting these babies!


YouTube video

Reality TV cannot get any more real than this. It’s exactly what raising quints is like. You make five times the food, apply five times the lotion. You make five times the amount of bottles. Everything is five times more effort. This mom is lucky to have such a helpful older daughter.

Then, you have to do five times the amount of dishes when they’re all asleep. Talk about hard work!

Quadruple Laughter

YouTube video

It’s nice to hear a baby’s laugh. Do you what’s nicer? Hearing FOUR babies laugh! OMG. I die every time I watch this video!

Parenting more than one child may be one of the most difficult endeavors in life but boy, it sure is worth every sleepless night the moment you hear your child laugh like these quads!

Mommy Break

Yes, it can get to a point where you just want to hide for a few minutes, maybe hours, to give yourself some time and breath. This mom summed up parenting quadruplets in 34 seconds. Because of the video, she and her quads have shot to fame.

It is pretty funny the way she hid in the pantry and summed up multiple-child parenting but what took place is as close to home as it can get. That was some legit reality TV happening.

24 Hour Parenting with Sextuplets

YouTube video

Most people who only raise one baby at a time don’t understand what it’s like to have babies from multiple childbirth. It’s nice to see someone literally walk in parents’ shoes to see what it’s really like.

For instance, this journalist was wiped out after more than 50 diapers, 36 bottles and 24 hours helping the parents of sextuplets go through their everyday routine. Can you handle it?

Surviving Sextuplets & Twins

The Gosselins are our winner with a whopping eight kids – a set of sextuplets and a set of twins. The amount of work each of them put in just parenting these babies are immeasurable. I cannot imagine myself taking care of eight kids! And, that grocery bill was insane! Just imagine how much it would cost based on the prices today.

Still, I admire these two. They are on top of the parenting game!

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