15+ Rainy Day Activities for Kids at Home

In this article, we bring you more than a dozen fun kids games and activities for rainy weather! When the great outdoors is not an option, you can re-discover the unlimited potential of the great indoors. Rainy weather is the perfect time to make more great memories together, parent and child, and it can also allow kids to engage in activities that require slowing down and reflective time, as well as developing cognitive and motor skills!

We have great suggestions for some active time too, have a look at these great and timeless games and activities below!


rainy day activities karaoke momooze.com

Kids don’t even need a real microphone to get passionate about it.

Paper Maze, aka Obstacle Course

rainy day activities kids momooze.com

Use crepe paper to build a laser obstacle course!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

rainy day activities kids scavenger hunt momooze.com

Organize a micro treasure hunt: anything from a piece of lego to a button!

Play an Adult

rainy day activities play a professional momooze.com

Playing an adult is one of the kids’ favorite activities... An accountant or a cashier’s job can be immensely thrilling for them!

Yoga Together

rainy day activities kids yoga botanical momooze.com

Mom and mini time!

Decorate Cupcakes

rainy day activities kids cupcakes decorate botanical momooze.com

Or whatever works!

Have a Picnic at Home

rainy day activities picnic momooze.com

Romance for all ages…

Craft Botanical Suncatchers

rainy day activities kids suncatcher botanical momooze.com

Floral and botanical sun catchers are super easy to make. You can use paper plates left over form a birthday party, dry petals and stems, contact paper and a piece of ribbon.

Good Old Fashioned Hand Clapping Games

rainy day activities kids hand clapping games momooze.com

There are plenty of tutorials on youtube with dozens of hand clapping games.

Create a Time Capsule

rainy day activities time capsule momooze.com

Capture memories for the future and remind your little one(s) to appreciate their belongings and memories!

Have a Tea Party

rainy day activities kids tea party momooze.com

Self-explanatory and all up to your creativity and bohemian streak.

Play Dress Up

rainy day activities kids dres sup botanical momooze.com

Paint on Pieces of Nature

rainy day activities kids painting momooze.com

While away the raindrops while engaging in a painting project along with your child!

Play in The Rain

rainy day activities for kids play in rain momooze.com

Or just teach them to run and play and sing in the rain!

Rearrange the Kids Bedroom

rainy day activities signs hogwarts harry potter narnia kids bedroom momooze.com

Add some handicraft decoration or rearrange the kids’ room together: if not now, when?

Build a Fort

rainy day activities kids build a fort botanical momooze.com

Build a fort with blankets and pillows and snuggle up, time to rest after all this adventuring!

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