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Organizing your car can be a nightmare, especially with 1+ kids on the backseats!

Random items from months ago rolling around, things falling down the rabbit hole under the seat, and never having enough hands to handle multiple things: you name it!

We have been there and once we decided to address the issue, we found that there are countless DIY solutions and popular organizing gadgets and options on the market!

Have a look at these great car hacks that cover everyday necessities, from storing cards and wipes to optimizing the interior design and space functionality of the vehicle!

Adding more pockets and labels, as well as clever holders and hangers, can really ease your time finding and handling items! Kids will love the extra pop of color and ingenuity and will have plenty of fun activities to keep themselves occupied with!

1Backseat Car Organizer

2Dashboard Organizer

3Keep the Entertainment Going

source: Amazon

4Kids Organizer

5A Sun Visor Multi-Pocket Organizer

6Extra Holders by Your Side

7How About a Handbag Hook?

With a little sparkle, of course! Jewelry doesn’t need to be a thing of the past for moms…

8Play Desk for the Little Ones

9In Case You Love Craft Projects

10Wheel Tray

Portable and multi-functional…

11From the DIY Experts: Redecorate!

Some awesome DIY to freshen up the interior…

12Car Seat Covers

Even if your car seats are made from leather, getting seat slip or strap covers can be a game changer. Car hack: you can always substitute a car seat slip cover when it gets dirty…

13You Do Need a Bin

This one is extra convenient because of the lid, so you can still access it easily and wouldn’t fear that the trash would spill…

14Keeping the Adventure Spirit Alive

When you get inspired by the metro…

15A Portable Library


A great hack when we want to teach the kids the magic of reading! Especially if they don’t have a screen as an option, they might be more inclined to grab a storybook and leaf through it!

16Grocery Hooks

These are great for small purchases and you can also hang a handbag or an umbrella there…

17Store Tissues in a Takeaway Cup

It’s a simple DIY solution that allows you to upcycle at least a few of the millions of takeaway cups!

18Booth Organizer

19Finally, Plan for Mud and Stains!

Try to pick materials and fabrics that are easy to clean after the kids have been around!

Let us know what car hacks you have been using and share your tips below!



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