7 Fantastic Hacks to Organize Your Recipes Once and Forever

Is your recipe register one big mess? You’re not alone. Finding the right recipe fast saves you a lot of unnecessary frustration and speeds up your whole cooking process.

We all love meal planning, gathering around a table, or planning a special meal for your family. You might find yourself looking for something special to mark the occasion, like your grandmother’s special beef, or your mom’s blueberry pie.

Of course, when you try to find those recipes, you get the feeling you are searching for a needle in a haystack.

All you need is one session to organize your recipes once and for all. It’s probably something you’ve been putting off for a while, but trust me – once it’s done, you will thank yourself each time you cook!

Are you ready to save time and money, and to find brilliant solutions to organize recipes? Here are some fantastic hacks to organize recipes so you can focus on making delicious homemade dishes.

Fantastic Hacks to Organize Your Recipes Once and Forever

Brief the Team: Staying organized could be difficult when there are other people living with you, especially kids. If you happen to take turns with your partner on meal preparation, make sure you brief him or her on the organization system so your recipes are always in the place where they should be.

Get rid of cooking books and magazines: Let’s be honest – you might own 15 different cookbooks or food magazines, but collectively use probably 3-4 recipes out of all of them. Hands up, it’s the same in our house!

That means that you’re not getting enough of them and unless you’re planning to start experimenting with new meals, the books are most likely serving just a decoration in your kitchen, nothing else.

I’m not suggesting throwing them all away, but keep them stored somewhere where they don’t take up valuable space in your kitchen. Take photocopies of the recipes you use the most, and keep them somewhere handy, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the correct cookbook where to find these.

The same refers to food magazines. You can simply cut the recipes you like, and store them in your recipe binder, recipe box, or some of the other options listed below.

How To Organize Recipes

Recipe Binder

You can create your recipe binder using a simple office binder, or buy a dedicated recipe binder online. Use stickers, or markers if you want to personalize it. Of course, there are so many options to buy the best recipe binder that suits you, that’s both in style and size.

If you want to make your binder more personal, use personalized printables. for your favorite recipes, and organize it like a real cookbook. Easily tag your favorite recipes for quick reference.

Organize Recipes In A Box

Keep your recipes in special organizing boxes. They are a great solution to store all the recipes from the magazines you have collected, or if you have some hand-written family recipes that you don’t have anywhere to put.

Boxes are easy to store in the kitchen and the paper won’t get damaged. If you want to take it a step further, you can write a recipe index on the box to know which recipes are stored there.

Organize Recipes Online

Find your favorite recipes with one click. Whether on your mobile device, home tablet, or PC, you can find many user-friendly applications where to save your recipes.

Recipe Apps: One of the best advantages of these recipe apps is the step-by-step guide, plus there are video tutorials included. They make cooking much faster and foolproof. You can bookmark your favorite recipes for a quick reference.
Google Drive: Create a recipe folder on your Google drive and store PDFs of your favorite recipes. Through search, you can find what you need in a few seconds, and there is no paper waste.
Notes: I must confess that I really like all smart ideas for online storage of anything – they are so easy to retrieve! Having a note folder on your computer where you can organize your recipes is a good option if you tend to have your laptop handy in the kitchen.

Recipe Book

Many of you would say this is an old-fashioned way to organize recipes, but honestly, I really love the idea. There are so many beautiful and elegant notebooks to use for it. If you are a bit more creative, you can use colored pencils, stickers, and even cartoons to make your favorite recipes look even more delicious.

Recipe Cards

When you want to have all recipes organized in one design, and line, recipe cards are the ideal choice for you. Yes, you will need some more time to rewrite all the recipes you have stored from magazines and books, but it is worth it!


Hands down the best source for recipe inspiration – Pinterest is a bottomless source of delicious recipes, drinks, and desserts with more being added every day. Create dedicated boards based on the ingredient, course, or dietary requirements and browse your heart out.

Organize Your Recipes Today

Get started today! Decide on which method works best for you and take the first steps into getting a properly organized collection of recipes.

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