Have you found yourself lost while you try to find some recipe you want to cook? In situations like this one you usually spend more time looking for the recipe than the cooking time.

Maybe the best solution is to get a recipe organizer. Here are 10 easy ways to organize all your recipes.

So next time you want to cook your grandmother delicious pie you will find its recipe just like as with a magic stick.

1 The Printable Recipe Binder Kit

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

Probably many housewives keep their favourite recipes in a cookbook. But honestly, this system does not work well. You will be going from page to page and still be wasting time. Here is an option- The Printable Recipe Binder Kid. You can choose the style and simply get the best DIY recipe organizer. The binder could be separated into cuisine styles, type of meal and as many tabs as you want.

There is plenty of variety of recipe binders, except the DIY you can find them in different styles, colours and textures.

2The Old Recipe Tin

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

We should admit there is something really charming having a recipes tin. It reminds your mom or grandmom cooking style. And probably you remember the smell of some of your favourite recipes.

If you like to keep the tradition alive and add more memories the recipe tin is the perfect way to organize your recipes. Plus there are some old fashioned style, rustic style or in simple clean style.

3Recipe Cards

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

In case you are collecting recipes from magazines or online sources, the recipe cards are a perfect way to organize and store your recipes. They are great to add them in the recipe tin or other storage box.
And the best advantage is your recipes will be in the same format, no folded pieces of paper or cuts from magazines. Everything in one shape, nice and tidy- just perfect!

4Recipes Journal

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

One of my favourites one- it is useful, smart and not least you can show your creativity and personality.

5Accordion File Recipes

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

One more option to organize all your recipes in different shpes and formats without transfer them into cards, journals or notebooks. The great about the accordion file is the opportunity to indexes and categories.


The hugest source of useful information- DIY’s, decoration, health advice and many more. And of course a deep ocean of recipes. You could create different boards for any type of meals, to collect them according to the ingredients, occasion, nationality or to add them a tag you want.

7Online Recipe Organizer

Surfing for recipes is something that we all do. There are plenty of websites providing great recipes and probably all of them offer a “recipe box” on their platform so the user could save the ones they like and want to try. So your favourite meals will be on a click away from your kitchen.

8App Recipe Organizer

Our everyday life is tied closely to smart technologies. Today we can find apps for everything, even for recipes. The best is that you could get updates automatically and get the latest and most popular recipes.

9Google Drive Recipe Organizer

Our old and best friend Google is also helpfull in recipe organization. There are several ways to use it for that.

  • Create a Google doc and organize recipes using directly the links with the recipes.
  • When you find a recipe you’d like to keep, simply click on the “printer-friendly” button and you would be able to copy it directly avoiding unuseful information from the site.
  • PDF document saved into your drive- easy and good looking. You should use Chrome browser for this option.

10A Recipe Notebook

Recipe Organizer: 10 Easy Ways to Organize All Your Recipes

Old fashioned as the recipe tin, but it is something easy to be done.
Just get a simple notebook, of course, you have the freedom to choose its size, colour, sheets option and etc.
It is easy to be personalized after with different tabs, index, stickers, and even to stick some recipes taken from magazines. It is something as creative as the recipe journal but will follow your own style in general.

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