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Does your necklace collection resemble a snakes nest?

Most of us don’t think of getting a necklace organizer until one day we open that drawer and spend 20 mins untangling the necklace we want to wear. Before things get out of control, there’s good news – you can get a simple necklace organizer for a few dollars or make one yourself.

Most of the organizers can be mounted to a wall, so you can keep them inside your closet or on the door of your wardrobe. If you have a walk in closet, you can dedicate a small space in the corner to hang all your jewelry.

If you only need a new home for a few of your favorite ones, a simple standing organizer for your beauty corner or desk will do the job perfectly. Best of all, they don’t cost a fortune!

Below is the ‘best of’ selection of necklace organizers from Pinterest – get inspired by some of these dollar store ideas, DIY the whole organizer yourself or simply organizer your jewelry drawer better with these practical tips.

1Simple Modern Necklace Organizer

2Wall Necklace Holder with Shelf

Get one here.

3Necklace Organizer for Drawer

4Rotating Necklace Organizer

5DIY Shower Curtain Hooks Organizer

source: Pinterest

6Tree Branches for Boho Look

source: Pinterest

7Minimalist Necklace Organizer

8Simple Necklace Stand

9Another DIY Option

10Rustic Necklace Organizers

11Quirky Necklace Display

source: Pinterest

12Minimalist Branch Necklace Organizer

13Dollar Store Idea

source: Pinterest

14Glass Hooks Organizer

15Minimalist Necklace Stand

source: Pinterest

16Canvas Necklace Organizer

17Arrow Necklace Organizer

18Beautiful Butterfly Necklace Organizer

19Multi Functional Necklace Organizer


20DIY Blend In Organizer


21Modern Organizer

22Jewelry ‘Home’

23Pin Wall Organizer

source: Pinterest

24Glass Jar Organizers

25Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

26Necklace Holder

27For Small Jewelry Collection

28Three Level Multi Organizer


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