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As you know the world is changing fast and you’re forced to adapt with it. A few months ago working from home might have seemed like a distant dream and now became a reality that you needed to get used to.

Many companies realized that in some fields people are more creative and devoted working remotely and even more productive than working in a cubicle in the office. It’s never been easier to set up your home office and deliver amazing results at work with the help of technology.

If you’re thinking about setting up your own home office and workspace as a permanent part of your home, it’s vital to ensure your space is well organize so you can work productively and without interruptions.

If you think a laptop and table is all you need, you should read this! Effective working station needs a few essentials that will make or break your work routine.


Last thing you want to worry about is tripping over cables.

Yes, maybe you really want to have your desk next to the window but that doesnt justify dragging electric cables across the room.

So look around and see where is the most appropriate place for your desk and other devices that need connection.

It is also a good idea to add tags to the different cables just to know which is for the monitor, printer and etc.

2Desk Organizers

It is absolutely important to keep your home working space tidy and organized.

Do not leave everything on the desk and try to keep really important clutter on top. For all other items as files, books and etc. you could use a small rolling cart or cube where to store all these things.

Use dividers trays for the drawers in order to create separate compartments.

Keep it simple and clean when decorating your home office. Especially if you place it in your living room or bedroom. Decor should not be distracting or take up unnecessary space on your desk.

3File Skills

This is the key to a well organized workspace.

If you know how to file your documents no matter if they are digital or physical you will save a lot of time when using and saving your documents.

You will know exactly where to look if something is needed without turning everything into a mess around you.

For all paper files simply use accordion file folder, it will help you to classify the papers and to put them in order. Another good idea is to have containers to sort the documents that you can go through once a week and put papers in place.

For digital organization, you need to find a solution that works best with your workflow.

Naming folders with project names and dates is a good starting point. When naming files, try to include as many details as possible in the file name, so when searching for the item in the PC they will be easier to find.

4Working Space Optimization

Having an entire room for a home-based office is a wonderful advantage. Most of us won’t have that luxury and have to find a empty corner to squeeze the whole office in.

There are really smart hacks you can use to get a great and functional working space.

If your flat is too small and doesn’t have room for a desk, you could think about build-in desks. An empty space under the stairs would be one of the options.

5Home Office Routine

Working from home sometimes could be a big challenge.

Having privacy and peaceful time to work on your daily tasks is something you should put as a priority when choosing the location for your home office.

Keep your planner and calendar up to date and mark down your tasks and to do lists just to follow a working routine. Be consistent with the system you use and follow your routine to the letter every day.

Using your home working space doesn’t mean you should be doing dishes or laundry during your working hours.

Focus on the tasks at hand and when you’re taking break from work, freshen up and go for a walk instead. Fresh air and exercise have been proven to boost productivity.

6Working From Home Office In Style

Forget about your PJ’s and baggy clothes while working at home.

Introduce some simple dress code just to make you feel like you’re in the office without being uncomfortable. Imagine a sudden video call with colleagues or clients and you are in your PJ’s with messy hair.

That’s far from ideal right?

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