Common Social Taboo To Avoid At Parties

We use the term “taboo” as something prohibited, disallowed or forbidden.

This term has been expanded in every area of our activities and we use it to describe sacred or forbidden norms in religion, culture or moral judgment.
Changing our social and traditions customs lead to new social taboo.

But how to act with the taboos in our everyday life in simple social communications and relations?

We all comply with basics social norms but still, there is a risk to cross some barriers especially in a casual and friendly environment such as celebrations and parties.

We though we should look into some very basis social mistakes that are worth paying attention to, especially when planing or attending parties.


When you are invited to a party it is good to give a notice rather you are confirming or not your presence.

Nowadays is completely a piece of cake to send an RSVP. It is important for your host to know the accurate number of guests. Besides, an empty seat on a party table doesn’t look good.

Show respect to your host as informing him on time. No one likes last-minute call-off.

In many occasions, hosts give a note to their guests if they can bring a friend/ date on their party. In case it is not specified in the invitation better go your own.

We should admit that having unexpected guests is irritating.

Same refers to your lovely pet.

Be On-Time

Arriving on time is really important. It is normal to be around 15 minutes late, but do not arrive earlier.

Most importantly make sure you remember the address of the event. Asking for the address in the last minute is really rude and annoying.

Common Social Taboo To Avoid At Parties

Bring A Gift

For many parties nowadays is absolutely normal to send a gift list to the guests. In this way, they know exactly what to get as a gift and to avoid awkward situations.

If you are going to a home party for example always is a good idea to bring a bottle of wine, a box of pralines or bouquet flowers to your hosts.

Style And Appearance

Going to a party is always exciting. When you get an invitation you start planning how to dress, how to do your hair and makeup.

If the information about the dress code is missing means that the party is more casual so do not overdo your outfit to avoid an awkward situation.

Beware Of The Conversation Line

Whether you are on a family dinner or party with friends and colleagues is much better to avoid some specific topics in the name of a good mood.

Always try to keep the golden line and not talk about money, politics, religion or similar inappropriate themes.

Well, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk but for a few hours, you could hold your words in your mind.

Social Taboo- Harmful Jokes

A good sense of humour is something precious. And it is a great way to start a conversation, but you have to know how and where to show it.

Yes, parties and celebrations are great for telling jokes and funny stories. There is a rule to follow even for this. Jokes are not funny when could hurt someone. So it is better to avoid jokes about religion, racism, people weight and appearance for example.

Social Taboo- Social Networks

In the era of social networks and smart technologies sometimes we completely forget how to get socialized.

You have been a witness so many times of people staring in their phones and typing all night long. So do not be that type of guests and make sure your phone is in a silent mode.

Try to speak with the people around you, be helpful to your host as bringing more ice or other simple things.

Social Taboo- Drinks And Food

We know that sometimes a glass of wine or a cocktail is enough to give us courage when we are at a party and do not know anybody else than the host.

Here is one of the most important social taboo- you should avoid drinking more than you should and can handle. We all have met that person who starts talking too loud, breaking glasses and can’t control because of the alcohol.

We can refer this to the menu as well. If you have some special dietary restrictions it is not necessary to inform all of the guests.

In case you have specified this to your guest beforehand and they cooked a special menu for you appreciate it. But in case you haven’t informed them do not bring your own food and don’t judge other people’s taste.

Leave With A Style

When it comes to leaving is absolutely unnecessary to interrupt everyone to say goodbye especially at larger gatherings. Y

ou can break the party’s rhythm saying goodbye to everyone. Show good manners as sending a thankful message/ e-mail to your host on the next day.

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