Toy cars, all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you have a little boy at home, you probably also have a stack of toy cars that is higher than the pyramids.

If you want to find a little oasis of organized space in his room, here is a little trick that works – get him excited about putting cars away by building one of these storage solutions. Parking his cars into their own slots in a custom built garage surely doesn’t feel like he is actually cleaning up.

Get inspired and pick your favorite solution! If you have some tricks of your own, don’t forget to share them in comments, we love to hear your own hacks and improvements.

1Parking Garage from Toilet Rolls

2Rainbow Shelf Display

3Shoebox Mini Garage

4Tire Storage

5Shadow Box

6Travel Storage

7Shelf Parking Cabinet

8Custom Multi Level Garage

9Maxi Magnetic Wall Display

10Travel Toolbox

11Repurposed Storage


12Under Bed Parking

[caption id="attachment_14815" align="alignnone" width="564"]source

13Chalkboard Shelf Box

14Custom Shelf Display

15Shoebox Organizer

16Truck Grill Toy Organizer

17Tool Box Storage

18Driving Dresser with Storage

19Pull and Ride Car Organizer

20Magnetic Storage

21Store them in a Jar

22Box Unit

23Under Bed Organizer

24Under Bench Storage

25Cardboard Car Garage

26Multi Level DIY Toy Garage

27Traffic Light Storage Boxes

28Honeycomb Storage


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