25+ Genius Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms


There are never too many clothes or toys in the kids’ room. Even if you don’t buy them yourself, there’s always that one friend or relative that always brings in something new for the toddler.

Not to mention that, as soon as they grow a little, kids become chaotic and almost instantly forget what you teach them.

Meanwhile, as the little ones have more toys and clothes, moms usually have fewer storage ideas for kids’ rooms.

There are practical and ingenious storage ideas that work well in the child’s room especially if you’re not up to installing significant appliances.

These ideas take up to a day to set up and contribute to the core design of the space. Now, let’s see some genius storage ideas for kids’ rooms that will make you wonder why you didn’t think about them yourself!

1Inside the Table

We present you the child’s bedside table which comes with enough space to store toys. It works well for simple and bunk beds, as per the above example. Also, it looks delightfully simple.

2The Basket Farm

How about a small basket for your child’s favorite toys? By making them stay in a designated position – such as in a cradle – you will also educate the little one to let them rest in their basket.

3Frame Them

Of course, this doesn’t work for everything. However, there’s so much you can frame. If your child enjoys puzzles, playing with numbers or letters, you can mount all of them. There’s a lot you can frame – even clothes. Do you have a favorite little blouse your kid also loved wearing? Frame it.

4Make Pillows

Have you heard of memory pillows? You can make one of them from the clothes that no longer fit your child. Mix the clothes and create a memory pillow your child will later be fond of.

5Playground Storage

How about turning the playground itself into a storage space? If your child has a tiny toy home or a small baby buggy set, you can store toys inside them. Your child might develop new ideas for playing after seeing your storage hack.

6The Child’s Bookshelf

If you don’t have one already, you will as soon as the child grows a bit more. Add toys near the books or even behind them.

7Invest in Storage

You can actually store toys inside other toys. Go to your child’s room and look at toys from a different perspective – storage options. Alternatively, whenever your kid wants a new toy, think about options that include a bit of storage space.

8Child’s Clothing Lamp

What do you think about creating a child’s lamp out of an old shirt and a toy? This may not be a consistent solution, but it can help you keep items you no longer have room for, but you cherish. Make sure you equip the lamp with a light bulb that doesn’t heat.

9Baby Crib Mobiles

Do you enjoy baby crib mobiles? We also do. You can save your child’s toy sets by turning them into some colorful and charming crib mobiles.

10Textile To-Do List

Which child doesn’t have clothing leftovers? Turn one of them into a textile to do list or weekly planner. You can use it for years and enjoy the memories it brings.

11Hang them

Get creative and hang the child’s toys by the label. However, beware that a toddler might not be able to reach them. So, your assistance is required.

12Above the Bed

We know the area under your wrong may already be stuffed with toys. How about hanging some of them above the child’s bed? You can even place boxes with lightweight toys above the bed.

13Bedside Hanger

Hanging toys by the children’s bed might actually be fun and engaging for them. These textile hacks can be made out of old child blankets or bed sheets that you no longer use. They might look like a set or come with unique and joyful designs.

14Toy Tunnel

Your children may enjoy tubes, but they don’t play inside them all the time. Why not save space and store toys right into those tubes? Send your child to explore the tube, and they might even find an unexpected gift you’ve purchased them.

15Milk Mug Boxes

The old milk mugs can become original boxes if you decorate them a bit and consider them for storing children’s toys. You can add stickers or just paint on them together with your child.

16Stuffed Toy Cages

A common storage issue is that you might place toys somewhere, but they keep falling. Set up a cage-type place and enjoy the view of stuffed animals held in place. You can even use textile rope for such a project to avoid unwanted child accidents.

17Toy Beds

Keep the metallic boxes from old perfumes and turn them into small toy beds. Cosmetics also come in such boxes that look impressive. Make the tiny blanket and pillow out of old baby hats or gloves.

18Magnetic Car Holders

You can store your child’s toy cars on the wall. There are magnetic holders which can be placed just about anywhere. However, they look gorgeous on a white wall.

19Rolling Tables

Decorating your home with rolling tables might become interesting. Store toys and books and then roll the tables to make them invisible.

20Lego Container

You can have a Lego container out of Lego pieces. Such a colorful storage option might turn into an exciting project.

21Lego Storage Wall

Try out a Lego storage wall designed as Lego pieces. Such a solution works for all sorts of small toy collections.

22Think Big

If your child is still to come or you plan to redecorate, think in terms of storage-friendly furniture. These ideas will re-boost your interior space and mood for cleaning.

23Rethinking Benches

Why not choose benches instead of chairs? Also, why not turn them into design-friendly storage spaces? Such a project will boost your ideas about toy, book and clothing storage.


Hanging the child’s clothes in a visible spot allows you to quickly have access to them and decorate the room colorfully and joyfully.

25Door Storage

Make the most out of drawer draw storage by adding textile pockets for toys. They’re soft and also look organized.

26Minimalistic Style

Store toys by adding minimalistic wooden decorations to the wall. You might be surprised at the result. Such a design works best for fragile toys that your child usually avoids playing with.

27Bathroom Bags

Storing bathroom items may be challenging. However, similar-design bags might just be the essential items you need.

28Book Carriage

Find a playful way to organize kids’ books by placing them in a carriage. It looks astonishing, and you can set some magazines underneath – when you have too many.

29Birdhouse Toy House

Birdhouses are some impressive storage furniture pieces which allow you to mix medium toys with very small ones.

30Wooden Toy Cradles

Each child has a favorite plush toy they might want to keep forever. You can store the toy by placing it in a wooden DIY cradle that decorates the kid’s room.

31Book Shelf

There are never enough bookshelves in the house. Most moms are already aware they will have an extensive collection of beautifully-executed exciting books for children. Such a wall shelf looks simple, yet takes out the design advantages of children books.

Wrapping Up

Storage is a burden, most of the time, especially when you remain out of ideas. We hope you find inspiration in the above storage hacks and make the most of kids’ rooms!

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