Ideas for Valentine’s Day Surprise to Organizer for Her

Holidays come with a lot of pressure, and Valentine’s Day is no different.

After all, this is the holiday dedicated to that special person in your life. It is the time to show how loving and thoughtful you can be by gifting her with what she needs. It should be pretty easy, but that is not the case.

You see, romantic gifts should be unique and customized for her. But with commercialization taking over, so many gifts fill the market with nothing special to them. As such, you can end up getting her a gift that somebody else in her office also has.

How romantic! Escape such a scenario by seeking the best valentine gift for her by taking the time to get personal. You know her and what she wants and needs.

The gift of choice should thus exhibit the same to show that you pay attention to what she desires. Below are some of the best gifts you could give her this year:

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Her Favorite Book

We all love different things. Some people will watch the notebook over and over, never seeming to get tired of the ending.

Others will sit in a corner and read, and if she’s into books, there lies your gold. Times have changed; people are busier and hardly do they have the time to sit in the library and read.

They see a book they like, get online, buy it, and read it on their phone on the way to work. And when they do head to the store, they end up with a flimsily covered book that leaves much to be desired.

Think of a book she cannot stop gushing about and look for the first edition of the same.

There is something romantic about opening an old edition, taking in that familiar dusty smell, and running your fingers through the textured pages. It feels blissful, and that is a feeling that she will not forget. Make the gift more memorable by coupling it with flowers, chocolate, and a card.

There is no reason why the cliché gifts should not be in play.

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Indoor Dining

Most people are rushing to book getaways and dinner reservations for the big day. While this may be one of the most romantic gestures, it might not be the best option for your special woman.

Some women want to get home, kick off their heels, and settle for some good food and wine. The thought of heading to a restaurant might not appeal to them. Maybe she’s hinting it in the way she talks about eateries or the way she gazes at you as she speaks of dining at home.

It could be in the way she gets giggly when it’s the two of you and nothing but takeout and a movie to keep you company. Think of the privacy that you can enjoy.

With this in mind, set the mood to get her feeling relaxed and ready to be wooed.

Go for a bubble bath followed by a home-cooked dinner and some music or good movies. Note that you are the one to handle the dinner. If your cooking skills are not good enough for this occasion, why not call in a chef? She deserves to be treated like the gem she truly is.


Accessories could easily be the way to a girl’s heart, and to get this right, you have to understand her sense of fashion.

The good thing with most girls is that they will let you know what they have their eyes on from the start. She will pick up a catalog, point to some gorgeous earrings, and a classy necklace, and go on about how well they would match a given dress.

She might even have posted her favorite accessories and captioned them as goals. Now that you have a guide as to what she wants, you can go ahead and get her what she craves.

Alternatively, you could get her sister or friend to come with you as you make this decision. 

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From bags to scarves to jewelry and promise rings, you have a lot of options. It is not easy to mess up in this case. And to top it up, add a spa voucher to the package. In this way, she can get a chance to relax after going through a hard day at the office. 

Make a date with romance this February by surprising her with what she wants, and not what the market has to offer!

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