Best Lockdown Date Ideas

No matter the world situation in the last year, love is the most powerful emotion we are searching for. It is not a lie that there are plenty of obstacles to meeting new people. Of course the lockdown worldwide show us again, there are no boundaries when there is love. Here are some of the best lockdown date ideas you can get and keep the flame between your partner no matter today’s situation.

How difficult it is to go dating in the conditions of the “new normal” and how the pandemic changes the way the other half discovers? Honestly, as in many aspects, peoples’ imagination, and creativity shows really impressive ideas. During a time when the restaurants and clubs are closed, there is no cinema or theater, you can come up with creative romantic ideas and win your date’s heart.

A stroll in the park, or watching the sunset on the beach, are just the simpliest ideas on how to spend lovely time with the person you have feelings on.

Technologies are making our life easier in many aspects. You can use social platforms not only for business meetings, but for romantic video calls, and dates too. Without any doubt, staying home with your date gives you the biggest diversity of lockdown date ideas to choose from.

Having a date nowadays is completely different than a year ago. You can’t go to a movie or a restaurant. The lockdown proves that people can get socialized outside the clubs and cafes. Here is why taking your date out on a walk in the park, or on the beach is even more romantic.

Outside Lockdown Date Ideas

  • Park: A walk in the park is an evergreen date idea in all meanings. You can enjoy the fresh spring weather, have a picnic, or even a jogging date. It is all about your personal desires, and of course your date’s preferances.
  • Beach: Watching the sunset on a lonely beach is so romantic and idyllic date.
  • Tennis: Playing tennis is ideal activity for two. You can practice any other sport too if you like. The idea is to get rid of everything and just be yourself.
  • Bicycles: Besides all the positives of being active, riding bicycles is just wonderful way to connect with your date. If you can find a bicycle for two would be the perfect active date.

Online Lockdown Date Ideas

  • TikTok Challange: I must admit, TikTok is a huge source of inspiration, challenges, and ideas for almost everything. If you are not able to get a face-to-face date, TikTok offers so many challenges ideal for a date night. From true romance to funny college teasers.
  • YouTube Challange: Same as TikTok and other social platforms, YouTube is the place where you can entertain your date.
  • Vlog: Having a vlog is like having an account on Facebook for the GenZ. It is a modern way to keep memories during a lockdown. Editing the vlog together with your date could be the sweetest start of your lifetime love romance.
  • Zoom Party: Forget about the morning meetings with your co-workers, Zoom goes varial when all the people are in the house.

Staying Home Lockdown Date Ideas

  • Floor Picnic: I guess you all remember the Pretty Woman scene with a floor picnic? You can try it at home with your date. Watch some retro movie with sound off for the ultimate movie feeling.
  • Blind Taste Tests: Test your other half’s senses. Blind taste tests are both amusing, and romantic activities to do with your date.
  • Cocktail Shots: One tequila, two tequilas… let’s see how many you will count before you go down!
  • Exotic Dinner: Cook together with a glass of cocktail, or wine, and of course some candles around. Be careful not to burn the kitchen though!
  • Karaoke: Surprise your sweetheart with a serenade just like your grand, grandparents used to express their feelings.
  • Dance Competition: Show your moves with a dance competition, inspired by the Dirty Dances movie- a real romantic classic.
  • PG18 Poker: It is getting hot…
  • Song/Movie Association Games: Playing different games is a great start to your date night. It helps you to relax and be just you.

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