20 Lockdown Activities You Can Do With Your Kids At Home

How many of these have you done already? Board games- done, movie night- done, pizza night- done! You have tried a long list of lockdown activities with your kids during the pandemic. It is not a secret that the closed kid’s centers, schools, and kindergartens are a real nightmare for parents.

Staying home locked with kids is the best thing you can dream of and these ideas will help you to turn another long day at home into a fun adventure.

Take advantage of the situation and free your kid’s creativity, attention to detail, and let them express their personalities through the games. Design special family T-shirts limited edition, welcome the rainbow in your home, or bring back the Christmas spirit with a gingerbread house. These are just some of the lockdown activities you can do with kids at home. See more inspirational ideas below!


Build a DIY teepee together with your kids. They could be the best advisors for this project because know exactly how it must be designed. Read their favorite stories inside the special teepee, and do not forget to add more cushions and a stars projector.


Let your kids express their design skills and sense of fashion. Give them white T-shirts and some textile painting and make your family pret- a- porter.


Kids coding is an essential skill for the future. It gives kids a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world and helps them understand how technology works, which will come in handy when they grow up! Introduce your children to programming with Codakid so that they can be on top of their game tomorrow.

Sock Puppets

Sesame Street is coming to your home with sock puppets created by your kids. Use any socks with any colors and textures. Open your kid’s imagination and play all day long.


Playdough is another kid’s favorite activity. Make them happier by letting them make homemade playdough. You will need simple products that will bring your kids to the seventh heaven. Mix these products and you will have some restful time for yourself.

  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • half to 1 cup of cold water
  • 2 drops of liquid food coloring

Rock Painting

Another great lockdown activity for your kids. They all love to collect rocks from the beach. Now they can turn them into such lovely pieces of art. Give them paintings and be amazed by their art skills.

Shadow Drawing

Such a creative and fun lockdown activity. Place white sheets of paper next to the windows and ask your kids for their favorite toys, and objects. Arrange the toys next to the paper so they can draw around the objects. The best part of this lockdown activity is the coloring part. It gives you extra free time for your cup of coffee. Of course, the main hero for this kid’s activity is the sun.


Enjoy the colorful rainbow at home. One thing is sure, it will be the most beautiful rainbow ever because it will be created by your precious ones. You can use many materials for this project- from cardboard pieces and paintings to colorful yarn, and beads.

Bird Crib

Teach your kids to take care of others. Making a bird crib is a wonderful way to keep them busy and give them a great lesson. Plus you can use materials from your kitchens, such as milk or juice bottles. Design the cribs according to your kid’s favorite style and make the little birds in your garden residents of a fancy crib.

Bird Feeders

After you make the birds a crib, it is time to feed them. Besides kids love to take part in the cooking process. They make cookies, popsicles, and other favorite recipes with such excitement. Surprise them with a task to make the little birds’ seed cookies.

Drive-In Movie

Turn a big cardboard box into a sporty, fancy car. Your little ones, especially boys will be so delighted to get a ride in their new car. Organize a home drive-in theater, get some popcorn and enjoy the time at home.

Gingerbread House

Keep the Christmas spirit during the whole year. Anytime you need an extra homey atmosphere, or just to make the kids a little bit more quiet set a Christmas corner. Build and decorate a gingerbread house together with your kids.

Egg Decorating

Let your kids make their own Humpty Dumpty. Use boiled eggs, just to make sure that you will skip the mess of smashed yolks on the floor.

Cress Heads

Great science project- something we all have made as kids. Use empty eggshells, fill them with cotton balls and cress seeds, and wait for the seeds to sprout. Make sure you spray the cotton balls with water regularly.


Cookies, cakes, everything your kids wish for. They are so happy when should mix the products for a dough. Besides, the cookie dough is so, so delicious itself.

Fast Food Menu

Homemade fast food could be even healthy. Burgers, fries, and pizza. Let your kids make their own pizza or cheeseburger. Do not forget about milkshakes.

Tea Party

Significant lockdown activity for a little princess. Dress the tutu and put the crown on your heads to welcome the queen for the afternoon tea party. Serve colorful macarons, fresh fruits, and tea of course.

Potato Printing

Curving is one of the most creative lockdown activities for your kids. Try with potato as a beginning. Shape hearts, stars, circles and paint them into different colors. So you can get the perfect stamp and curving lesson for your kids.

Dream Catcher

Sleep tight and dream about rainbows and unicorns. Get some suede lace or ribbons, colorful yarn, and beads or gemstones for the perfect dream catcher.


Create the little funny Minions from empty paper rolls, or the yolk from chocolate eggs. Make sure you have enough bananas for all of them.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is the ultimate family lockdown activity. All family members can take part in this game. Place secret treasure all over the house, garden, and porch. Make a treasure map and let the adventure begin!

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