10+ DIY Playdough Recipes Perfectly Safe for Kids

Ever had that horrifying experience where you find your child eating out of a playdough tub or whatever clay he has his hands on? Then you pry open his mouth to see if he’s swallowed it or you can salvage whatever little piece is left. Yes, many parents have gone through the mouth-pry situation. Maybe it wasn’t with playdough but it pretty much has the same effect.

So, how do we solve this? In the play dough scene at least.

You can’t buy edible play dough but, you CAN make it at home with simple household items or easy to get ingredients. Either make it edible or make it safe for your kids! Here’s our list.

1Hawaiian Punch Playdough

edible playdough

Okay, so maybe Hawaiian Punch isn’t exactly conducive to general health. But, at least it’s edible, right? Anyway, kids love color and this recipe does not fall short of colorful.

Get this edible playdough recipe here.

2Marshmallow Playdough

edible playdough

I would probably say that marshmallow play dough is one of the most moldable edible play dough yet. Marshmallows are already pretty stretchy to start with. So, if your kid doesn’t eat your entire play dough supply, you’ll have a very usable supply of playdough for a while.

Enjoy learning this recipe here.

3Ice Cream Playdough

edible playdough

Flavored and colored with cake frosting, this ice cream themed edible play dough will be your kids’ favorite past time. The fact that they can eat it makes it even more fun. Plus, there’s not melting mess to be cleaned up after!

Full recipe here!

4Nutella Playdough

edible playdough

This may look crumbly but trust me, it wouldn’t make a difference to your kids. They’ll still want to play the heck out of it. Nutella is an all time fave so you can’t really go wrong with this flavor!

Check out the recipe here.

5Cupcake Playdough

edible playdough

This recipe is so easy to make you can do it with your kids. Who knows? It might spark an interest for baking.

Get the full recipe here.

6Kool-Aid Playdough

edible playdough

Kids love Kool-Aid. You know what that means, right? Yes, you are on the right track to creating the best edible play dough known to their world.

Get started here!

7Birthday Cake Playdough

edible playdough

Quite similar to the cupcake play dough and equally as fun! If the cake frosting flavoring doesn’t do it for your kid, the sprinkles surely will. Add some pretend candles and you have yourself quite a shindig!

See the full recipe here.

8Ginger Bread Playdough

edible playdough

Let your toddlers be in on the Christmas celebration! Get a load of this gingerbread-flavored edible play dough!

Click here for the full recipe.

9Peeps Playdough

edible playdough

Yes, you can turn Peeps marshmallows into play dough! Who would have thought, right? Whoever came up with this idea is going places in life. Grab the recipe here!

10Peppermint Playdough

edible playdough

This has Christmas feels written all over it! It does not only taste good, it smells good too! Try making them in red and white to create a peppermint candy cane feel!

Recipe right here.

Okay, let’s not limit ourselves to edible play dough, though. There are DIY ones that are still a lot less hazardous than the commercially manufactured ones. Like these for example:

11Sand Playdough

edible playdough

Too cold for the beach? Well, that won’t be a problem anymore if all you want to do is make castles out of sand. You can do that by following this recipe here.

12Shaving Cream Playdough

edible playdough

Make them in different colors so your kids can do a lot out of them. Apparently, shaving cream play dough is very smooth to the touch! Check out the recipe!

1310 Minute Playdough

edible playdough

Fun, colorful and quick to make! What else can you ask for? Your kids will enjoy making them as much as they would enjoy playing with them.

Grab the recipe here!

14Galaxy Playdough

edible playdough

Take a trip to the cosmic world of the outer space through plain imagination! Trust me, this recipe will spark the space explorer in your child!

Find the recipe here!

Have you made a choice which one you’re going to try first? The ingredients are very affordable so why don’t you give them all a try? 

Now, you don’t have to worry about your kids putting play dough in their mouth. Say hello to a worry free play hour! Bring out the mixing bowls and get ready to get your hands dirty! Because you are guaranteed to have an afternoon of fun and laughter!

Happy molding!

Got any edible play dough recipes you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!