Cool toys pretty much are the highlight of every kid’s childhood satisfaction. Their status quo is very much defined based on the cool toys they have which other kids don’t. Yes, as much as we don’t want to believe it, social classes start at a very young age. But, we’re not really here to talk about whose toys are cooler and whose are lame. We’re here to talk about something bigger than that.

You’re probably raising your eyebrow, wondering what’s so important about toys that we need to talk about it? Set aside the early judgment for later. I’m pretty sure you’d want at least two or three of the items listed on this post. So, without further ado, here you go.

1LED Fireworks

Say goodbye to dangerous, loud and ridiculously expensive fireworks and say hello to one of the coolest investments of your life. These LED Fireworks are battery powered and can put on a pretty impressive show!

2Giant Bowling Game


Who would not enjoy cool toys like this? I can see myself having a giant bowling tournament with my friends! Maybe have a friendly match – adults vs. kids? 😁

3Paper Plan Adaptor

source: urban outfiters

Although quite a bit expensive at source: urban outfiters, this would be perfect for gadget lovers. This paper plane adapter can turn an ordinary paper plane to a smartphone-controlled aircraft which means longer air time. Is this how they shot the Paper Planes movie?

4Snowball Blaster

Winter is almost here and what better way to have fun than have an all-out long range snowball fight, right? Battle it out with your friends, kids and relatives with a snowball blaster!

5iPad Paint Brush

Keep you and your child entertained without having to deal with a huge paint mess after! Apple has thought of everything under the sun to make the iPad one of the best entertainment gadget in the market!

At $49.95, yay or nay? Now you can judge.

6Buddy Bounce Outdoor Ball


I don’t think I need to further expound on this product to convince you that this is one top of the cool toys list. You can already picture in your head how fun this would be. Yes, it will be epic! Get yours here.

7Indoor Smores Maker

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly a toy. You can’t deny the fact this is way cool and something you would want. I mean, who wouldn’t want a smores maker where you don’t have to bust your back gathering firewood, lighting it up and worrying about burning your mallows? Genius and a definite must-have!

8Mario Karts

Many of the young parents now grew up knowing Mario. So, it is only understandable that parents these days would still enjoy a healthy race against their kids with cool Mario Karts!

9Spyro Gyro Pens

Doodling cannot get any easier or more creative than this. Never mind the fact that you have zero artistic skills whatsoever. This pen makes you a doodle artist!

103Doodler Pen


How cool would it be to create your own 3D sculpture? This is definitely a cool toys list favorite! A tad expensive for a toy but you decide!

11Interlocking Illumiblocks

Lego blocks that light up? Shut up and take my money! I want a set! And, this is ridiculously affordable, so considering how cool it is!

12My Great Bean Bag Toss

Nothing like a game of ball toss right before you enter your room. Fun for both kids and adults!

13Marble Aim Carpet

If you have a marble collection, now’s the best time to take them out! Have a healthy marble tournament with your kids and have tons of fun!

14Giant Stacking Blocks

Jenga has always been a family favorite. It’s one of those must-have cool toys. What’s even better is a giant version of it!

15Giant Stuffed Toy

I would totally love to have one of these! It’s big enough to be a bed! I can already imagine myself bundled up in its pouch with a good book in hand and a cup of hot cocoa within reach.

16Night Riderz Zipline


Forget about a hammock or a tire swing in the backyard. Take it up a notch with a zip line that lights up! Though I’m not entirely sure if it can carry the weight of an adult, the kids will still have lots of fun!

17Kinetic Sand


This is not your ordinary pile or box of sand. The Kinetic Sand is the most malleable kind of sand which means you’re on your way to becoming a master sand sculptor! Just make sure your kids don’t eat it!

So, what are your top picks from this list? See anything that you’d like for Christmas this year?

Cool toys are not hard to come by. With the innovative train of thought most developers have, they would only get better over the years.

If you’re still up for play time regardless of your age, then don’t limit your toy selection!

Have fun. Live. Laugh. As what the hipsters say, “YOLO!”


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