Perfect Garden Games For Kids Parties

Garden games are the perfect way to keep both children and adults entertained at an outdoor event. When it comes to choosing your garden games, often, the more traditional ones end up being the biggest hits, so here’s a quick list of the best traditional garden games for you to choose from.

Corn Hole

When it comes to simple garden games that everyone will enjoy, you really can’t beat Corn Hole.
Easy to set up and simple to understand, Corn Hole games can also be customized with your own graphics to suit your party’s theme. For custom Corn Hole games, head here-

Ring Toss

Another classic garden game that’s always a hit with both children and adults alike is the good old fashioned Ring Toss.

Ring Toss games can be rustled up at home with a little DIY or purchased online, depending on your budget and how complicated you want the game to be. If you have an equestrian theme, then the Horse Shoe Toss is an excellent variation.

Pass The Water

Perfect for hot summer days, when kids don’t mind getting a little wet, Pass The Water is exactly what it says on the tin and involves passing water between you using a cup or bucket.

To make it more difficult, try passing the water over your head to the person behind you or slowly decrease the size of the vessel that you catch the water in.

Giant Jenga 

A garden-friendly version of classic Jenga, Giant Jenga, uses larger pieces, making it easier for children to play and also more fun when the tower falls down. Both children and adults can play this fun game together, and once everyone’s done with Jenga, the pieces can be used to create other sculptures.

Connect Four

Connect Four is another classic that will have the adults reminiscing and the children playing for hours. Garden versions are usually giant with dinner plate size pieces, making them super-fun for everyone to play. Simply place your colored tokens into the game, alternating with your opponent, and get four in a row to win.


Perfect for slightly older children, croquet can be played in gardens or almost any size, and can even be set up in the park. Make the course as easy or as difficult as you need depending on the age of your guests and have a laugh as you attempt to hit the ball through the wickets.


Essentially bowling but outside, skittles can also be played by children of virtually any age and will be enjoyed by spectating adults too. Garden sets come in a number of sizes, from those with hard hand-size balls to those with inflatable giant beach balls that add a whole other fun to the game. 

So there you have it – a quick list of some of the most fun traditional garden games that are perfect for kids’ parties. What are your favourite garden games to play? Let everyone know in the comments.

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence.

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