gingerbread party

Christmas is all about kids and if you want another way to make it even more memorable for them, why not throw a Gingerbread Party?

Don’t wait until a birthday or other excuse and simply invite the family and friends over to join the fun!

To get started you need to decide if you take the shortcut and use ready made (and pre-cut) gingerbread dough, or if you make everything from scratch and get the kids involved.

Set up a station with plenty of toppings so everyone can personalize their house as their heart desires. Refreshments all around – a milk bar with a few sweets will be the right way to kick off the party and get them going.

Don’t forget the usual party essentials – a themed thank you gift, seat tags and house decorations that will make your guests feel like they’ve just entered a Gingerbread House themselves.

Are you ready to kick it off?

Below is plenty of inspiration for gingerbread party decorations, food, ideas for kids, games, topping station options and plenty more. Join us on Pinterest for more party planning fun and don’t forget to let us know in comments which one of these you loved the most!

1Toppings Station

2House Frame

3Free Party Decor Package

4All Red Theme

5Gingerbread Cupcakes

6Printable Cookie Box

7Go Grand!

8House Decorating Party

9Show Stopping Tables

10Snack Bar

11Decorating Kit

12Door Inspiration

13Pink Decor


14Festive Table

15Station Set Up

16Sit Down Party

17Party Gifts


19Wooden Houses Decor

20Sweet Treats

21Elegant Table Decor

source: Pinterest

22Gingerbread Man Decorating

23Coolest Little Details

24Thank You Gifts

25Sweet Station

26Getting Creative

27Party Invitation

28Simple Home Decor

29Gingerbrunch House

source: Pinterest

30Build your Own House

31Custom Aprons

32Showstopper to Crown the Party

33Decoration Supplies

34Minty Gingerbread House

35Gingerbread Reindeer Barn

36Gingerbread Cake

37Gingerbread Awards


38Making a House from Scratch

39Cute Treats

40Blank Canvas

41North Pole Cupcakes

source: Pinterest

42Bake your Own Gingerbread House

43Home Made Gingerbread Cookies

44Milk & Cookies

45Gingerbread House Tea Party

46Girls Only

47Designated Seating

48Little Fun for Adults

49Vibrant Decor Theme

50Simple Party Centerpiece

51Festive Centerpiece

52Gingerbread Town Candle Holders

53Giant Gingerbread Cake Centerpiece

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