Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re sure to have loads of candies! That might also mean trips to the dentist or tummy aches. Hopefully not! But giving candies away is so mainstream. Why don’t we steer away from the traditional candies and make something totally unexpected?

Sure, you can still include candies in your Halloween menu but why don’t you try some of these? If you don’t want to give them away for Trick or Treat, then your kids will totally enjoy lunch or dinner with these recipes.

Check out this mouth-watering, spooky-looking Halloween treats!

1Mini Donut Spiders

Spiders are gross, but this is truly drool-worthy. Easy to make and oh so good. Your kids will love these! Recipe from It’s Always Autumn!

2Vampire Candy Apple

This looks very into the spirit of Halloween. I love the use of marshmallows for vampire fangs! Super cool.

Check out Erica’s Sweettooth for the full recipe!

3Hotdog Mummies

Kids love hotdogs! This work of art is really easy to make, and it’s super fun, too! Check out Dessert Now Dinner Later for the recipe.

4Monster Cupcakes

How cute are these cupcakes? Colorful and sweet – the perfect spooky good combination for your kiddos!

Credits to Life With The Crust Cut Off for the brilliant recipe!

5Spider Cookies

Chocolate chips with a touch of spooky! It will really make you look twice before reaching for one! Full recipe from Hungry Happenings!

6Choco Monster Cookies

Kids don’t know what ganache is, but I’m sure as hell they would love it the moment they try it! I love how this is fun and gourmet at the same time. Self Proclaimed Foodie, you are indeed a foodie!

7Spooky Boo Brownies

Brownies with melted mallows on top? Yes, please! Warning: may cause sugar rush! To no surprise, Betty Crocker came up with this idea.

8Easy Witch Hat Cookies

Easy to make with Betty Crocker’s cake mix and Hershey’s kisses! Sure to be a household favorite! Again, brilliant, Betty Crocker!

9Mini Bat Bites

You can’t go wrong with Reese’s peanut butter cups. Add some Oreo wings to it and bring the nutty goodness up a notch! Way to go, Chelsea’s Messy Apron!

10Brainy Popcorn Balls

Gooey, buttery, and sweet popcorn made spooky with red food coloring. Your kids will be impressed! Get the full recipe from Seeded At The Table.

11Candy Corn Oreo Milkshake

Finally, the Candy Corn Oreos are back in season! Nos, it’s time to make milkshakes with them! Full recipe by My Baking Addiction.

12Mad Scientist Potion

KoolAid is already so much by itself. Add some dry ice, and you have one genius concoction in your hands! Learn how to make it from Our Best Bites.

13Skeleton Cupcakes

Quite crafty this project is I should say. You can even have your kids help you out! Just make sure they don’t eat your materials first. Check out Cookies & Cups for the instructions.

14Frankenstein Mallow Pops

Personally, I don’t like marshmallows. But, I’ve never seen a kid say no to marshmallows – plain or chocolate coated. These are fun to make, though, that’s for sure! Visit Just A Taste for the steps!

15Halloween Candy Bark

Kids love color. And, if your Halloween treats are as colorful and packed as this recipe, then you’re all set for the sweet spookfest! This awesome recipe by Glorious Treats is so good Better Homes & Gardens magazine featured it on their website! Check it out!

How’s that for a mouth-watering list?

I’d say this list is solid. Those kids won’t even know what hit them! It’s just going to be a night of scaring, sweets and a whole lot of fun.

So get your costumes ready, your decors up and have a spook-tacular Halloween this year! 👻👻👻 Have you ever tried any of these Halloween treats? Let us know in a comment below!


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