Looking for something fun to do with kids on rainy days? Finger paint is a great option for toddlers and kids of all ages as it helps to promote their motor skills and gets them interested in arts!

If you’re crafting with your toddler, make sure to select an edible finger paint color or make one yourself at home – we have included a link to a recipe in this post.

Here are our favorite 20+ finger paint ideas from Pinterest, and you can find many more craft ideas in our board here.

Happy crafting!

1Fall Tree

2Family Fingerprint Idea

3Footprint Rocket

4Heart Tree Fingerprint Craft

5Fingerprint Dandellion

6Footprint Flowers

source alexandra.snsimages.com

7Monet Fingerprint Project

8Fingerprint Bees

9Fingerprint Animals

source: Pinterest

10Fingerprint for Toddlers

source posenow.info

11Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

12Fingerprint Butterfly Mug

13Fingerprint Christmas Lights

14Fingerprint Snowmen

source: Pinterest

15Fingerprint ZOO Animals

16Winter Tree Finger Painting

17Hand Print Flowers

18Fingerprint Carrots

19Edible Fingerpaint for Toddlers

20Under the Sea Finger Paint Idea

21Chicken Fingerpaint

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