coffee filter crafts

Let’s challenge your crafty skills right after the Holidays. Open the kitchen drawers and see what can be used for another amazing project. I will give you a hint- coffee filters.

Coffee filter crafts are perfect for DIY projects year-round. They are great to add bright paintings, even to use watercolor paints. To cut them into different shapes, and to add additional elements like buttons, pearls, and sticks. Plus they are not that expensive, so you are free to organize themed workshops for your kids and their friends of all ages.

There are plenty of ideas for coffee filter crafts that your kids would love. Multicolored butterflies, dancing dolls, and even coffee filter Christmas trees. Decorate your next party with handmade coffee filter letters and amaze your guests with stunning coffee filter ballerinas. Need more inspiration, check it out below!

1Coffee Filter Flowers

Welcome the first fresh spring flowers in your home, crafted by the little hands of your precious kids. Give them a hand with the painting, beside they just adore to add colors by theirselfs.

2Coffee Filter Monster

If you think the monsters live under your bed, you are wrong! They live in your coffee bar.

3Coffee Filter Butterflies

coffee filter crafts

Airly light and bright just like the rainbow. Beautiful butterflies for more spring air in your home.

4Coffee Filter Ghosts

An idea for the Helloween DIY project. Cute, little coffee filter ghosts.

5Coffee Filter Wreath

This project is more for mothers because ofthe pale colors and the idea for a wall wreath.

6Coffee Filter Turkey

Thanksgiving day is not the same without turkey. Try this coffee filter craft and enjoy the family time.

7Coffee Filter Baskets

Ideal for Easter or just to add some beautiful elements on a festive brunch.

8Coffee Filter Umbrellas


Rainy days, no worries! Your kids will make you magnificent coffee filter umbrellas to keep you dry and safe.

9Coffee Filter Dancers

Feel the magic of paso doble with these spectacular coffee filter dancers.

10Coffee Filter Carrots

Give some treats to the Easter Bunny. Jucy, sweet coffee filter carrots.

11Coffee Filter Santa

“Santa is coming to town…” and he is made by clothespin and coffee filters.

12Coffee Filter Ballerina

If you have a little ballerina in your home she will reach the stars from happines with this coffee filter DIY project.

13Coffee Filter Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, probably you all want an ice cream! Well, you can make it with coffee filters, or even cupcake holders. It is up to you!

14Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Christmas is magical because of the festive decoration, gifts, food, and of cource the very special family time around the Christmas tree.

15Coffee Filter Sunflowers

Craft these coffee filter sunflowers and see if it is true that the sunflowers turn their heads after the sun.

16Coffee Filter Flowers

Easy DIY flower projects for your little gardeners.

17Coffee Filter Candle Holder

Perfect gift for Mother’s day- coffee filter candle holder. Help your kids in this beautiful project and be ready for an amazing gift for your special day.

18Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Enjoy the view out of your window with these colorful coffee filter snowflakes. Grab the scissors and the pencils and start crafting.

19Coffee Filter Numbers

You are all spending so much time searching for birthday decoration ideas. Here is a great way to make a number, letter, or even to write something special with the help of coffee filters.

20Coffee Filter Advent Calendar

Another perusal of the Advent calendar. Colorful coffee filter bags will count the days till Xmas.

21Coffee Filter Poppies

The poppy is a symbol of both Remembrance and hope for a peaceful future.

22Coffee Filter Rainbow

You can create a rainbow everyday with this easy coffee filter craft idea.

23Coffee Filter Hot Air Ballons

Fly up in the sky, between the clouds and over the rainbow. These retro hot- air ballons will take you everywhere you want.

24Coffee Filter Pumpkins

The Harvest season is year round already, you need just a few coffee filters and your home will be full with pumpkins.

25Coffee Filter 3D Butterflies

Add something special to your kids’ room- magical 3D butterflies made by them. They will be amazed by the idea to craft something that special.

26Coffee Filter Cabbage

Your festive Easter table will have the freshest vision with this realistic coffee filter cabbage. Psss, hide it from the Easter bunny!