clothespin crafts

Are you ready for another crafty idea? Here is something that your kids will love- clothespin crafts.

I don’t know about your kids, but my little one loves to play with a clothespin.

He really enjoys stacking them under the sofa. So, these creative crafts will change the game!

Get some wooden clothespins and enjoy the crafty day with your little artists. The results are going to be gorgeous!

1#1 – Clothespin Snowflakes

Make your kids very happy and let them add some DIY decoration to your Christmas tree. These beautiful clothespin snowflakes could find a place on the Christmas door wreath or to decor the festive dinner table with.

2#2 – Clothespin Foosball Table

The perfect game for boys and the perfect time for you to enjoy some peaceful time and rest on the sofa.

3#3 – Clothespin Batman

Keep this idea for the next Halloween.

4#4 – Clothespin Birds

Little cute wooden hummingbirds. Ideal for spring decoration or just to make your kids open their imagination.

5#5 – Clothespin Reindeer

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Rudolph of course. Create Santa’s reindeers by clothespins to raise the Christmas spirit at your home.

6#6 – Clothespin Mouse

Use some plastic bottle cups for mouse ears, google eyes and your little mouse are ready to play.

7#7 – Easter Clothespin Eggs

All kids love to play a peekaboo game. With these colorful Easter eggs, the fun will be double.

8#8 – Clothespin Bunnies

Easter bunny is here. Easy and cute Easter craft for your kids.

9#9 – Clothespin Butterflies

Cupcake cups have so many uses. Create beautiful clothespin butterflies, spread a pinch of glitter and your little girl will have a new favorite toy.

10#10 – Clothespin Monsters

Are you a fan of Monsters, Inc? Mike Wazowski, Sulley, or Randall Boggs.

11#11 – Clothespin Mermaids

Clothespin mermaids in different hair colors. Ariel and her friends made with wooden clothespins and thread.

12#12 – Clothespin Angels

clothespin crafts

Adorable clothespin angels are bringing love and peace. Use these crafts for Christmas decoration in your home.

13#13 – Clothespin Grasshopper

This little grasshopper could find a place in any of your green plants pots.

14#14 – Clothespin Tutu Butterfly

Gorgeous butterfly made by clothespin and tutu cloth. Airly and light just like a real butterfly.

15#15 – Clothespin Airplanes

Fly high in the sky little clothespin airplane.

16#16 – Clothespin Cars

Be ready for the new super race- Clothespin Formula 1.

17#17 – Clothespin Dragonfly

Dragonflies are often considered a sign of good luck. Craft your lucky insects from clothespin and piece of chiffon.

18#18- Clothespin Dancing Dolls

Flamenco, rumba and cha- cha. Get into the rythm and craft beautiful clothespin dancers.

19#19 – Clothespin Safari

Make your kids a safari trip with these great clothespin animals. Lion, elephant, or zebra, the kids would love to learn more about these animals.

20#20 – Clothespin Caterpillar

Bright- colored clothespin caterpillar made with soft pom poms.

21#21 – Clothespin Nutcrackers

clothespin crafts

Want to try something a little more advanced? These super adorable nutcrackers look like they came straight out of a toy store and all you need to make them is round clothespins and a bit of pain.

22#22- Clothespin Mummies

Looking for a Helloween DIY project? Here is an idea for cute mummies made by clothespin and yarn.

23#23-Clothespin Tinkerbell

Cute little Tinkerbell will make your little girls happy. Let them express their creativity and design skills making sparkling wings and beautiful green dress.

24#24- Clothespin Snowy Owls

A symbol of wisdom and vigilance, these night birds could be met in many mythologies and legends.

25#25- Clothespin Dolls

Let your little designers express their sense of style and fashion.

26#26- Clothespin Snakes

Colorful and even sweet snakes. With dots or with strioes, there are so many variations.

27#27- Clothespin Christmas Tree

Easy Christmas tree craft with clothespin, a few buttons and green piece of cloth. Sing Christmas carols while crafting your festive decoration.

28#28- Clothespin Goldfish

Are you ready to make a wish? The clothespin goldfish could make it happen!

29#29- Clothespin Fox

Cunning, fluffy fox for funny games made by clothespins.

30#30- Clothespin Apple Tree

Sweet apple trees made by clothespin and a bit of immagination.

clothespin crafts