open shelves in kitchen

Having open shelves in the kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous! It gives your kitchen more air and space, has a bit of boho spirit, and you can change the decor anytime you want without any drilling.

You can use the open shelves in the kitchen to expose some fancy kitchen accessories, to add some green plants, or just to make a contrast with some plates or glasses.

Express your style with modern clean lines, or give your kitchen a real heart by adding an ancient piece of a wooden shelf. Use pallet baskets instead of cabinets.

Experiment mixing fine, luxury elements with vintage, worn- effected pieces just to find your inner balance and harmony. You should not forget, your home must recharge you with positive vibes, it should be the place that gives you a safe feeling. The kitchen is the soul of your home and it deserves to be a little more special.

Keep a well-organized mess on your open shelves in the kitchen is hard work. Get inspiration from the ideas below on how to style open shelves in the kitchen.

1Open Shelves In Kitchen- City Studio

Clean lines, calm light blue with inox elements. Small, but functional, the open shelves in this kitchen give additional space and make it looks larger.

2Open Shelves In Kitchen- Modern Flat

Absolutely modern and functional. This kitchen has everything- a kitchen island, enough cabinets, and workspace. Open shelving just above the sink is a great idea and gives the feeling of more light. It looks just perfect with a few cutting boards and a small succulent plant. Less is more.

3Rustic Inspiration

If you need to add an element to make your kitchen a little bit warmer and unique, open shelves like these are a wonderful idea. Place some greens and white plates for a balance!

4Boho Inspired

The perfect mix of styles, colors, and elements- Boho. Mix and match plates, jars, and plants.

5Elements From The East

There is something magnificent in this open shelves kitchen. Fill the shelves with small green plants or poterries.

6Spirit Of The Forest

open shelves in kitchen

Wooden open shelves on a green font- the perfect combination. It brings the spirit of the forest, especially with the right accessories besides the plants.

7Countryside Charm

Open shelves filled with countryside charm. Pots with green plants, cake stand, and egg basket just add the final touch of the free spirit of the village.

8The Ultimate White

Brilliant white cabinets, gold and silver elements for more shining effect.

9Azure Blue

A color that many will choose for a nursery room, but it will perfectly fit a city studio kitchen too. Combination of cabinets with glass doors and open shelves just above the double sink. Small and elegant storage boxes and glass elements are perfect for decoration.

10Doll House Perfection

Isn’t it lovely? Just like a small doll house kitchen with tiny coffe cups and glasses.

11A French Wink

Open shelves for the ultimate storage of plates.


Simplicity is the key to a happy life.

13Big City Shelves

Modern city open shelves kitchen, where you can enjoy the natural light and space of the room.

14Modern Vintage

Modern farmhouse kitchen with open shelves where you can even add some kind of piece of art.

15Emerald Fantasy

Turn your kitchen into an exotic island with emerald- grey elements. Natural notes from the wooden open shelves and the green plants.

16The Perfect Imperfection

The beauty of the imperfection. Just like in nature where you can see different shapes and colors.

17Viva La Mexico

Colors, bright, and bold! Potterries in variation of shpaes and shades make this kitchen so unique and one of a kind.

18Modern Crib

A modern crib with an ultra-modern kitchen and open shelves just like an old pallet basket. Add some really unique accessories in industrial style.

19Mix Of Elements

Old and vintage furniture and households are hidden gems. Enjoy the beauty of mix and match of elements that you will never combine.

20Casa Style

Spanish casa style kitchen with stone open shelves and even open cabinets.

open shelves in kitchen