How To Reconnect With Nature When Living In The City

Living eco, healthy, and green is very trendy in the last few years. But do you think this is enough to reconnect with nature when living in the city?

You are surrounded by buildings and squares. Urban life offers its advantages like job opportunities, social and nightlife. But have you found yourself wishing to breathe the fresh forest air or the revival rain on a hot summer day?

Many companies offer green relaxing zones in their offices where employees could refresh and boost their creativity and workability. According to science spending at least 120 minutes, a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing.

Of course, you are lucky to have a working environment like this, but still, it can’t be compared with the touch of meadow dew on barefoot or the soft ocean breeze.

Walks In The Park

It is not a secret walk in the park that usually refreshes your mind and helps you get rid of the busy daily routine.

Moreover, it is good for your mental and physical health. It improves your balance and coordination, it maintains the weight, prevents heart diseases and blood pressure.

Strolling the park on brisk walking, jogging, and cycling is even better. The oxygen will wash your mind and you will get the feeling of a newborn after an outdoor exercise.

So, next time skip the indoor practice and embrace the green park alleys.

Visit Botanical Garden

I’ve just realized there is no botanical garden in my town anymore. The last time when I visited a botanical garden was back in 2013 in Eze, South France.

And I was fascinated by the plants and flowers from all over the world. Planted on a hilltop, between beautiful clay statues, where you are getting the view of an eagle and the magnificent azure blue.

If you have a chance to have a botanical garden in your city, make a visit and you won’t regret.

It is a wonderful way to be close to exotic and unusual plants. You are connecting to nature but at the same time you are traveling the world and learning new facts.

Join A Community Garden

I am lucky to live 40 minutes away from the countryside where my family owns a house. I love to spend my weekends there to plant and grow fruits and vegetables. Plus we have long lavender- rosemary alleys.

But when you live in a bigger city you need to plan a trip to the countryside in advance.

Here is a brilliant nature reconnect idea- join a community garden. It is like a club with special membership requirements and rules. You will get the chance to test your green thumb skills and to experience the real touch of nature.

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Plant A Home Herbs Garden

Mmm…chives, oregano, parsley, and mint. Having a herb garden in your home will improve your cooking skills.

Your pasta will always have fresh basil as a final touch and your mojito cocktail will be the best in the town.

Visit Farmer’s Markets

I really love farmer’s markets. You can choose from fresh local produce and are open year-round.

You can see full stands with colorful zucchini and tomatoes, apples, and juicy peaches. For a better experience visit farmer’s markets in the morning when everything is just picked up and fresher.

Make Your Home Green

Yes, it is easy to grow plants in the home. Choose plants according to the natural light in your home. Create your magical garden and you would be amazed how different it might look with some pieces from nature.

A splendid idea to change the atmosphere and the decor. There such lovely potteries and plant accessories to brighten up your house. Do not forget that green plants purifying the air.

Rooftop Garden

Oh, rooftop garden… A heavenly place on the top of your building! Design your own secret garden under the stars. You will have your personal therapy place to recharge and bounce back to nature.

Do you know that some business buildings and corporations grow bees on their rooftops? This is what I call nature reconnect- often we forget how important are these little black and yellow creatures.

Try A Vegan Meal

No, I don’t mean to have a salad only for dinner. Experiment with some real vegan recipes like a vegan burger, zucchini pasta, and even a vegan steak. The clue here is to cook with seasonal products, to enjoy the whole cooking process, and don’t forget to spice it up!

Finish the meal with great, refreshing degistive cocktail!

Have A Picnic On The Park

Simple and easy to fulfill. Get the sandwiches ready, add some fruits and wine in the basket, and enjoy the fall sky.

For an ultimate experience, get a cozy and soft picnic blanket, plus your favorite book. Leave the smartphone away for this idealistic picture.

How To Reconnect With Nature When Living In The City
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